Night time extended exposure photography part 2

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Part 2 of shooting night time extended exposure photography


whatjeanlikes says:

God bless you for sharing your tips!! this was so helpful and straightforward!! thank you!

GabrielKnightz says:

Oh, okay then 🙂

James Beltz says:

No wind at all.

GabrielKnightz says:

The picture at 2:30, when you have such long exposure, why aren’t the trees blurry? surely there must have been Some wind. Just generally curious.

James Beltz says:

Wow this is a really old video. You should watch some of the newer stuff.

whaleshrimp111 says:

Many Thanks for useful information with a sense of humor.

BigNate84 says:

cool man. Good tips. I wish I would have seen this video before I spent an entire night experimenting with long exposures lol.

Scott Black says:

0:25 LOL

CMD888333 says:

…from all the info i’ve watched in youtube for 3 weeks, all of your presentations are the best so far. I appreciate very much the way you conducted your instructional videos. more power to you.

UnemployedZebra says:

ok thanks that makes sense. I just bought a nikon d3100 and i am extremely happy with it. but thanks again and your videos are extremely helpful!

James Beltz says:

I never openly discuss the camera I use because I feel it is not relevant. It is a DSLR. And any DSLR can do what I did in this video. You may be just curious, and I understand that, but some people would consider purchasing a camera based on what I use. And that is just silly. So I don’t openly discuss my camera.

UnemployedZebra says:

this is the first vid of yours that i have seen so you may have said this before but what camera do you use??

James Beltz says:

No that is an effect caused by a closed down aperture in a dark condition. (f/22 I think)

rodbo says:

Did you use a star filter to make the lights have the 6 point star effect…?

Ezra Richards says:

Excuse the silly question but where’s part 1?

dokgold says:

Where do you send the photochallenge entry Jim?

ZXOH says:

only if you hold it into the sun for a real long time^^ i have made pictures with 3 min of shutter time on a sunny day and nothing happened to the sensor =)

meltdownman1 says:

Can you burn up your camera’s sensor by holding down the shutter too long?

The Meltdownman

Gabriel B. says:

i have an old SLR from the 60’s and i wanted to take some nighttime photos, and i didn’t have bulb mode on it so i just put a rubber band down on the trigger. i was surprised that the pictures came out great!

d8jl7 says:

wow! nice shots!

DonMcGu says:

Some great tips there

26NIELGAB says:

thanks bro! your awesome!

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