Paris by Night (Photographs by Brassaï)

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Brassaï (pseudonym of Gyula Halász) (9 September 1899–8 July 1984) was a Hungarian photographer, sculptor, and filmmaker who rose to international fame in France in the 20th century. He was one of the numerous Hungarian artists who flourished in Paris beginning between the World Wars. In the early 21st century, the discovery of more than 200 letters and hundreds of drawings and other items from the period 1940-1984 has provided scholars with material for understanding his later life and career. Music by Eno/Budd, ‘Dark-eyed sister’.


5Cats says:

Wow! This guy knew how to take a photograph! I’m no expert, but I KNOW good art when I see it! He had both a gift AND the courage to use it.

maple1255 says:

It is sad that some of the very best bookstores have gone under with the advent of Amazon and other onliners. Though I only visit there, I was shocked a few years ago to see that Cody’s Books in Berkeley had closed, it was easy to get lost and spend hours in there, for true lovers of books. I have another Brassai title which does not feature the ‘night life’, he photographed elegantly.

cuoylyf says:


miliziametallica says:

ellamiseria che maestro! all the people in the xx sec was happy to be recorderd? now they all look angry! fiji de satana!

Kriptum says:

I’m writing an essay about Brassai, maybe anyone could tell me more about his work and why he did it? I would be very grateful 🙂

All the best
Sergej 🙂

lilasdelondres says:


gotglasses says:

My favorite Braissai book – Paris by Night pretty much all here Thank You. Bought my copy at “A Photographer’s Place” on Mercer St. Now sadly gone, a victim of high rents and digital media. The book is a work of art both in photography and printing. You have to handle a copy to see the love that went into it. I hope that some of the world’s bookstores survive.

Nebris says:

May I suggest re-editing this with Satie’s 3 Gymnopédies? It would run twice as long, giving that much more time to see Brassaï’s images and I believe evoking a greater sense of Paris as well.

piasintei says:

Video che cattura con dolcezza ed eleganza, Brava.

Incognito851 says:

A famous video. The mood of the video and the music are perfecty. The photographs are able to show the beauty in the ugly sometimes.

CaptainBluebear08 says:

nightbirds …

fujsymbad says:

malinconia: stato d’animo dolente ma calmo, o temperato da una certa dolcezza. belli e malinconici anche quei corpi bianco perla.

santiagodevill says:

I just love everything I learn from your channel!!! So hauntingly beautiful!
Thank you for uploading this!

almacattleya says:

L’ho sempre detto che la notte dà un fascino particolare alle città anche quelle che sono note per la bellezza. La foto a 0:54 la trovo molto surralista: mi sembra un viso il cerchio centrale e il ponte più lontano è la mascherina.Invece la signora a 2:32 mi sembra quella signora (ritratta) di cui parlava DiCaprio in Titanic, quella che indossava tutti i suoi gioielli aspettando il suo amor perduto. E’ possibile che Cameron si sia ispirato a quella foto?

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