Pentax K-30 Review – Entry-Level DSLR – Does it Suck?

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Pentax K-30 Review – Is it a good choice for an entry level DSLR? Is it a good camera for beginners? Let me break it down for you on this video review filled with test shots, sample video and a good hard look at what it’s like to shoot with. Pentax K-30 Review Test shot & Sample Gallery;


jaffyfoxy says:

You forgot to mention the massive advantage with pentax lenses. They work with any k mount from 1975

NubeNegraTV says:

When are you selling you photo book. Those pics are great

nick00639 says:

I agree with blunty dude the only thing is d video and i find with my 60D the battery never ends compared to this pentax…

EDIT: slightly better shuttter on the canon but this is negligible

IlonAtzMusic says:

Thanks for the great review! 🙂

ThePatriotMuckraker says:

Years back there was an article discussing the advances in kit lens quality, and the consensus was pretty much that most are excellent for what they are compared to “prosumer” lenses made ~20+ years ago. Advances in manufacturing and coatings have upped the quality and reduced the price.

Vyas Anand says:

Very nice and informative videos

Mantzy81 says:

Cheers for the review Blunty, looking to buy this post-Chrimbo and interesting to see the video mode which most reviewers just say “no autofocus and no external mic so it’s crap. Moving on..”, whereas you gave a fair and critical view of it.

quezoncityboy says:


luckyblueduck says:

thanks for the review Blunty! In your experience, how long does the battery last? Did you try both the OEM and AA batteries?

anthonylai says:

thank you for the review. i like your presentation style, makes it very interesting indeed!

Around7ish says:

Great review, thanks! I didn’t know it could do time-lapse, I think I’m sold on it. Even if it is ugly. I think the blue one is less ugly though.
What is going on with Pentax and their product design? The K-01 thing is hideous, so is the Q10, so is this really.

Daz80 says:

Hey Blunty, as youre a big fan of Sonys focus peaking, im surprised you didnt mention the K30s focus peaking in this video? Any particular reason for that or were you just not aware of it? So far, very few reviews ive seen and read discuss it. Its very strange…
FP is a huge draw card and id love to see an assessment of its performance in the K30, given how well it works on the Sony A77 and A99.
Thanks for the review and id be interested to see your take on the K5IIs.

David Williams says:

hydraulically powered battle robot……oh that did make me crack up….

Daimon Smith says:

Hi, I looked at some reviews on the base kit lenses and some of them were ok, but not great. So I wanted to get a Tamron 18-200mm lens for the K-30, but it’s not weather sealed. Sometimes I may be out in rainy conditions, but not extreme weather, so is it ok to still bring it out in conditions where rain and dust might be there?

Rohan Gillett says:

Great video Blunty. And I’m glad I bought a K-30 too 🙂 As far as I’m concerned it’s an insanely good camera, and Pentax has definitely picked up a fan with me!

gameovr25 says:

your voice. its so….. smooth and calming…

visualdarkness says:

Here in Sweden they bundle it with with the 18-55 WR, which they should do in all regions, so you get weather sealing out of the box even with the cheap kit. I don’t have a K-30 as I got a K-5 and I still use my kit lens from time to time with good results. Compared to the cheap ones from Canikon with the horrible focus ring (why do they bundle such crap with good cameras?) it’s a steal.

IchiharaAsako says:

Good sir, seeing how well you did this review, and understanding Pentax is not Canon on Nikon, I really hope you’ll be able to review the upcoming K-5 II. Does Pentax actually lend you these review units or do you get them through some other provider?

TTGabriel says:

And that grip! So comfortable! Amazing 🙂

Jessica Myers says:

Haha, I actually didn’t think it was an ugly camera until everyone started saying it is. I think it looks exactly the same as other DSLR’s

TTGabriel says:

😛 I think it’s a pretty camera…maybe i just got used to it!
Enjoy 🙂

Jessica Myers says:

I decided to get this instead of the Nikon D5100. My only two concerns with the k-30 are the bad video quality and how ugly it is. But if those are my only concerns then it must be a pretty awesome camera 🙂

exwhyz33 says:

hi Blunty, are there any other equivalent starter-SLRs worthy of my hard-earned cash, with a decent kit lens ? thanks.

nalana merannage says:

love this Aussie .He reviews the cameras I want to buy and helped me decide what i really need, Thanks Blunty

davkem says:

Great video, great camera. Thanks!

dimmddr1 says:

When did this happen? I have a K1000 and that shit is awesome.

mariandemian says:

best goddamned review i’ve ever seen ! URA!

igrecman says:

I just bought the K30 with the 135 ml lense because i wanted a weather proof camera. The K30 is inexpensive if we compare with other weather proof DSLR and the specs are impressive for that price All reviews on the web convinced me to buy it without any hesitations. I started with the K1000 in 1980. Pentax never let me down. As i’m writing this, the batterie is charging. I’m trying it tomorrow eventhough rain is in the forecast in Montreal. Thanks for this well done review.

Blunty3000 says:

Uh, no I’m afraid I’ll have to call you wrong on that… those Canons offer FEWER “bells” not more.. for example, they don’t even have built in time-lapse functionality, they are more limited in the feature set in every respect actually, and having shot with all the cameras you mention, and own a 60D, I’ll stand by the fact that the Pentax K-30 beats them all in IQ, beter performance, better dynamic range, better low light. The ONLY area where they have an edge is in video.

realredvideo says:

Canon T3 normally around $550, Canon T3i normally around $700. Still entry level DSLR’s but offer some more bells for the buck. But if you are going to go DSLR, just save another month and get a bigger badder one like a Canon 60D or T4i.

ungibbed says:

The color banding on the time lapse sunrise clip, a fault of YouTube I hope. I’ve mastered most stills with the old Canon 300D (the first Digital Rebel) and I’m still shopping around for the most “future proof” camera body that will last me for a few years at least. I love your reviews, honest and no BS (just don’t swear on Twitter)!

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