Photoshop Tutorial – 1 – Introduction and Basic Tools

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elaine burch says:

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to make these videos….very helpful ….

darrenagne says:

you know nothing of my dad 😛

ItsZyphent says:

Like you said, gay can mean Homosexual, or Happy, however when you called your Dad that you didn’t mean either, which is wrong.

Btw, I wouldn’t have come to a Photoshop tutorial if I didn’t like Photoshop.

darrenagne says:

not that kinda gay mano-o-mano
like as in (hate)
gay mean two thing
1.homosexual way
2.happy 😀
i have a feeling you hate photo shop too :/
leave meh alone
leave britney alone!

ItsZyphent says:

And being gay has nothing to do with Photoshop. It has to do with liking men, if your Dad dislikes photoshop and is also gay, I don’t see there being a correlation between the two things.

darrenagne says:

he just says photoshop suck ass
If you agree with him thats non of my business
btw being adopted has nothing to do with hating Photoshop:P

ItsZyphent says:

I find it unlikely that your father is gay, unless you were adopted.

darrenagne says:

my dads gay
he think photoshop sucks
thumbs up if you think he’s wrong

marsbeads says:

thanks for posting!

TwoCheatingBastards says:

So Boston, uh, what you drink en?

oscar1996r says:


dhang71278 says:

nice one,i really understand how u do it…thank u

lvswhtigot38 says:

er u seneca? lol u def sound like it

Kevin Harris says:

Thanks for posting this instruction using the basic tools on Photoshop ..It really helps the beginner in Photoshop editing ..

Carlos Herrera says:

Why are you saying crap instead of crop?

Cj Vaans says:


TimeWarp Boom says:

nice tortolies

agalambao says:

another satisfied customer exclaimed a Mexican cartel

CyberMaster217 says:


Martiniano1523 says:

I’ve been watching other Photoshop Tutorials and find your instructions extremely informative and very easy to follow. I can’t stop watching now. Great job, thank you so much.

dublin1948 says:

Thank you for instructing in a manner that us “newbies” can understand.

yohomes5 says:

Can you make more on photshop6?

chaotixmm says:

This guy is great. Thanks SOOOOO much for these simple and informative videos. Not a trace of pretentiousness. Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Alex Syrus says:

Could you please more specific ? It looks like you’re telling a story and trimming the details…

IAmTehAg says:

OH! I get it now!

MooImaTiger says:

2:16 You can grab PFTAPFER

TheReterded says:

can you make a playlist for the photoshop tutorials?

OneReligionIslam says:

Great Contribution!!! I appreciate sharing the information about Photpshop! learning….:))

COD5252 says:

It was mine doorway video to tons of videos of bucky,i definetely prefer you guys visit his site

iselk8 says:

instead of opening a picture, “place” it

go on file and at the bottom there is a button “place”… VOILA

hope it helped 😀

tollywhyte says:

Could you please answer this question? ……..i dont understand when i open a new picture it opens in a new window how do i put more pictures in one window?

farhan saeed says:

He talks slow because his screen capture tool captures his voice slow. if he wont talk slow the screen work will be advancing his voice.

Rhiandarby says:

Went to the site and watched all 14! Thank you. Hope your stomach recovered from the scalding Spiderman macaroni! 🙂

thrunobulax1 says:

This is what too many sleeping pills will do to your speech

ultislasher1 says:

BUCKYY!!! You have tuts on EVERYTHING!!! =D

rhetoricalemergency says:

4:45 Narwhal.

shutereye2634 says:

Wow,usually when i load a video this long it takes forever but now I’m astonished to find how quickly it loads.Nice video very helpful.

wimfroi07 says:

your video is clearly established and helpful..

Usama7868 says:

He is all Good and lovely with his language, He is making it easy for us and those who are british to undertsand, so simply GTFO & stfu

AuzzieGamerzProdz says:

Wats wrong wid his voice he’s just trying to talk as clear as possible slow and clear so haters gtfo

czcss says:

stop making fun of his voice, damn. not everybody is going to talk to your liking.

KoyaxCompany says:

is it only with me, or the syncronization really got lost at the middle of the video

leospitefire says:

nice video

2ndBreakfastReviews says:

really good channel!

Medo Hamdani says:

Yeah, already got it. You reply was late though. But thanks anyways.
This is Medo from Yemen.

lezalgs says:

Ctrl + Alt + Z

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