Photoshop tutorial: making text photo with Angelina Jolie’s head-shot

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tun the Annotations on so you can read the steps for your self without being confused by my accent. NEW TUTORIAL [[[[[OK this is the latest of my tutorials in this I have tried to demonstrate how to make a picture with thousands of words, it easy than it sounds, I would rate the skill level needed with Photoshop to do this one to be about a little more than a beginner. The choice of a photo you use is also critical a non dramatic straight forward head shot with not too much contrast would be ideal. Please do give many likes to this video and do comment if you can. Now just to clear this tutorial is not completely my idea I learned it from some tutorial site myself and have added few new things to it so the owner of this idea could rest assure I am not trying to take is spot.]]]]] {{{ advertisements are welcome, contact me via YouTube mail.}}}


Bryan Perez says:

if you have a mac hit command+backspace that should fix it

stegoxGFX says:

where can I find some good quotes written to apply to the way you did?
thanks for the reply

Smooth St says:

Whenever I press control + backspace the layer turns black

H3Y0o says:

Wait, I just realized that, after u make the color range effect, photoshop will automatically select for u. So after u apply the color range, u just create a vector mask, and you are done.

Martha Whitley says:

I Like How You Say 1000 😀

H3Y0o says:

Basically, he selected the shadow layer (Hold Ctrl + Left click on the shadow layer icon to select everything), then he fills the layer mask with black from the selection. Hold Alt + Left click to display the layer mask only.
Press “Ctrl + i” to invert the colors. Hope this helped.

Alfi wyhda says:

i got lost at copy layer to layer mask 🙁 somebody help me 🙁 at time 5:14 ..

jenet munoz says:

Thank’s, I had learn so much from your tutorial,..thumbs up!! Love the accent, clear instruction!

Jhon Vany says:

thanks bro.

jitendra kumar yadav says:

very good

XxSilencedlifexX says:


lendvaidesign says:

Hi Mate, I miss your tutorial. Everyone have an accent, even those people in England. So piss off this rude comments, and ignore it.

carlos arellano says:

how do you paste the picture in the layer mask?i use mac

luvlings says:

at 5:15 to 5:30 what are u saying? i couldn’t understand

iLaKzii says:

Thank you very much.

iLaKzii says:

CTRL A and then CTRL C

shakeitcindy says:

I’m using CS6 btw, and alt isn’t working for me 🙁

shakeitcindy says:

I got lost at 5:14 🙁
How do you add a new layer mask?!

suman g says:

merz cahi kasare garne ho????????????/

Winz Ordoño says:

to YOUTUBE pH.. kindly enable the download link, (video downloader, mp3 converter, pre-watching on this site?…what`s wrong with you guyz?…why did you “Disabled these links?..I don`t see any thing wrong why these links are disabled on Mozilla Firefox and Google!…so please “kindly enable” all this links!

waverunnerMN says:

Thanks for your efforts on this tutorial. I will come back and practice on another photo. Many applications for this style. -MN Mike

Saurabh Awate says:


Amal Tom says:

awesome man… am gonna try it

Mukteshwari Nagpal says:

Super thanks a million

Fabian Sosa Escalada says:

hello everyone sorry on the minutes 4:51 he said Ctrl what? please help me!

ThefirstAakeemever says:

DAMN! They have tech support for PS too!?
JK,thnx for the tutorial man.

SkaiLocart says:

dat mole.

Windy Morneau says:

Check PsDown.Org, their photoshop working

chaichie08 says:

tnx for this tutorial!! it helps a lot!! 😀

SenorCajones says:

500 steps to do something that you could have done in 12.

SenorCajones says:

Look up “embred” in the dictionary and maybe you and the kettle will realize you’re the douche-bag.

AmandaMagick says:

AMAZING. I want to try it,

Fame napadol says:

i think you can ctrl J only did’t ctrl C first ? ^^ or not ctrl J = ctrl c + ctrl v
sorry if i mistake thank you

Shar Shah says:

Awesome, thank you so much 🙂

benzi Haokip says:


MrJodli says:

this helps a lot, thank you

SammPreston says:

This is awesome:) Thanks!

gza1234 says:

I think I can help out. Click the Brush Tool on the left, and then click the Brush Preset button on the top (which is below the Edit and Image options if you look at the video at 3:51). It should be the last preset option. Hope it helped!

mo9204 says:

i had no problem undrestanding

Kimberley Evans says:

Sorry I’m being a pain lol! Have managed to input the text by right clicking to find the menu and clicking the tex. But how do I make it bigger please? Thanks! Loving the tutorial!

Kimberley Evans says:

Hey, sorry I’m a bit stuck at 3.51 when I select the brush, I can’t find the menu so the text I have from the other page doesn’t pop up. Can you please help? Thanks very much 🙂 K

Kimberley Evans says:

How awful for people to comment on your accent!! This is a great tutorial, thank you! K

OvereditSongsv2 says:

You sounds like the guy from the 2012 movie 😉

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