Photoshop Tutorial – Tool Uses and Basics

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Hey guys this video is just about tool uses and the basics of photoshop. Links: Spaceman: Galaxy: Jimmy Page: Fonts: Brushes: Check out our Facebook and Twitter for updates on future tutorials and other videos!


LagiNaLangAko23 says:

I like your wallpaper! 🙂

Wassim Benzarti says:


PumaHere says:

awsome video!

Photoshop is so much fun to use

I recently made a very easy tutorial for begginers, check it out!

icypancakes81 says:

I found your video very helpful, thanks!

balkice says:

big thanks i learn alot

PeakSwaiizy says:

PLEASE RESPOND IF YOU GET A CHANCE!!!!!!!;) on my photoshop, when i import or just put a picture in it, it shows up with grids boxes over it??? help!!!!!!! Plzzzz

Windy Morneau says:

I got my photoshop cs6 extended free from PsDown.Org 

Quita615 says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I feel like Neo: “I KNOW PHOTOSHOP.”

jasminerebeccagray says:

I can’t find the wand tool on my toolbar and i cant figure out how to edit my tools, its the newest version of photoshop, any help? thanks

Ewout de Jong says:

he was making a sandwich

TheBlackMurder01 says:

Why are you across the room shouting at ur mic ?

adam98371 says:

how do you download photoshop

SecretlyaturtleHD says:

Nahh you have to pay for that shit

TheTeamKI says:

I Have Just Started Making Tutorials, Check Out My Channel And Vids And Email Me On What You Want The Next Tutorials To Be On:!

Lana Adeeb says:

Thank you, that was a good crash course for a beginner. 🙂

alexharkler says:

I don’t ever have to watch ads…

Synchronizationate says:

Does it come with a free virus?

mouwersor says:

fuck you

TheCharizard767 says:

I grew up with photoshop plus im taking classes on it in college, so it’s not to difficult to use, it is just HOW you use it that depends on weather your good or not imho…

Meera Gorkhali says:

Hi there, are you familiar with “Photo SFXart Tricks” (google it)? On their website you will find a great free video featuring how to create brilliant photographs. It made it possible for Matt to create photographs that have a wow-effect when you take a look at them. I hope it will work for you too.

TheCharizard767 says:

Great tutorial man!! But why did you miss the magenetic lasso tool?!? :/

Flutterbomb says:

I used GIMP like a pro…but in photoshop, it just seems so foreign! It took my 30 minutes just to figure out how to paste a new layer on an existing one!

UrbanRedBull says:

is this all the same for cs3?

RickStrife2022 says:

I just want to make my forum avatar but this is so difficult T_T

ThePixelGangster says:

Bock auf MEHR TUTORIALS`? dann besucht doch einfach mal unseren Kanal!! Wir würden uns sehr freuen :)


Albert Brown says:

You the man bro. Lve the vids. and i DONT give too many props.

HoodMong says:

Fuck off with your cuntish fake-ass links and shit.

HoodMong says:

Cheers for the vid, i followed what you were doing while watching the video using Photoshop CS6 and everything went fine. Thank you 🙂

goodcreativetutorial says:

check out my channel for awesome Photoshop tuts! And subscribe! New ones each week and we take requests via facebook page or twitter.

austin Kessler says:

we should make a song out of that, actually, thats a bad idea

zamundable says:

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