Pocketwizardstrobist – The Strobist Jet Pack

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The studio that you wear – all made possible with wireless triggering. This is my submission to the Pocket Wizard Strobist Competition.


mikehickmanpdx says:

Haha. Classic! Great idea, Jesse.

Frederick Jones says:

Listen what ever works

PHANizHenCHedOut says:

ahahahah nice

GizmoBitz says:

this video is so clear, even at 360p. how did you export it, using which program?

Danijel Šimić says:

impresiv…, great idea.. thx for sharing

PoesKlap133 says:

Pocket wizards are the best but fucking ridiculously over priced for strobism! Fong Kong triggers work perfectly!

simonbolzdotcom says:

Looks fun!

laresilience says:

Congratulations. You do it with passion. Thank you

F. Wishog says:

Awesome! Congratulations! That’s creativity. And good results.

David Tong says:

awesome! 😀 

fsolomona77 says:

This has made my day, lol.
It’s so classic, near classy, loving it!!!
It’s a crazy set-up, but logical and it works great!

joaoacioli says:

Did you try aluminum hollow rods instead of steel? It should make the set up a bit lighter… you could also put a portable weight on the opposite side. It would be more weigt but would give you more balance… ; )

Jimmyphoto says:

Good idea and love that you see the nerdy ness of it.

bodaciousbetties says:

Very handy when you have no photo assistant. Love it, especially the nerd aspect. Whatever gets great photos!

DeportesMargaritaTV says:

Pay an assistent!

Kwesi Marcano says:

i like the name strobist jetpack… hey unpack the jetpack

sayten098 says:

the Stroba Fett!

floling says:

the only lack is the ambience light (f.e. sky or the sun from behind someone) thats what in my opinion makes the good outdoor strobe pictures….

smirkypants says:

I’m so very embarrassed for you.

Danijel Šimić says:

nice concept i did never seen something like that before :) ….
good job

Teva TEINAURI says:

Really good idea ^^

octave5 says:


rezjrprod says:

ROFL awesome!

GingerSnapsPhoto says:

good thinkin 99! :)

zoobiewa says:

Damn did you lose a bet?

maseraticrg says:

Mom: one of our chairs in the dining room is missing.
Son: Gotta go to school ma i think its gonna rain hard. (walks gently outside the house wearing an odd looking back pack with an odd looking umbrella on top of his head without holding it)

Hilfred Siebrits says:

I think I’ll try this… looks like something I’ll do an use…

rodrigomalvon says:


nursemom08 says:

amazing !

Jedidja1987 says:

The end justifies the means!

bionictulip says:

Strobist DorkRail.

FloatingOnAZephyr says:

One good thing is your subjects will always be smiling!! You look ridiculous! haha. It works though!!

Jangott92 says:

cool you look like an idot but i works (Y)

Snapshot803 says:

Very Cool,,, Alot of pros a lot of cons but THE concept is very unique! There are plenty of movement situations that this would be very useful:) The future!!! keep up the creative process!

videopiratelady says:

LOVE it!

TotalNoize300 says:

Whatever gets the job done 🙂

mmarie222 says:


KodieMacIntyre says:

LOLLL!!! awesome

MudBarf says:

Brilliant idea!

djcondra says:

Cool idea, and I’m not sure if you should have made such a joke about it? Something like this could be produced commercially.

consentida97 says:

pretty cool.

emforty2 says:

the greatest invention since the slice bread !

go strobist

travelingangela says:

so yeah… will you marry me? lol i love the idea.

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