Portrait Photography Composition – Working with Hands & Feet

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cazillo.com Hands & feet make your models comfortable and photographs much better. They are also the toughest parts of the body to pose. In this video I go over both of them, what do do and not to do. Keep Shooting!


radekbayek says:

Hi Greg – thanks for posting all those videos, I have learned so much! You rock! 🙂

carrN Alberta says:

i love watching your tutorial videos ..very informative..and as a beginner i learned a lot from you greg.. keep it up !

GregoryCazillo says:

One word, practice.

LightSelena says:

Gregory Cazillo thank you so much!!! i m a beginner at wedding photography.sometimes my boss asks me to take the groom and make some portraits of him while he is working with the bride,everytime that happens i don’t know what to do, i can’t make him feel comfortable and that happens to reflect on the grooms face,so my pictures aren’t natural.Where can i find out how to work with men posing make them feel cool

jmknbsc says:

Thanks, my bad. I thought that I saw both the ring & the band, poor powers of observation I guess?

Chally2015 says:

Cheers Greg, awesome vidoe.. :)

oseasmillan says:

Thanks Greg.

GregoryCazillo says:

No, it is not reversed. Many brides will move their engagement ring to their right hand before the ceremony so the groom can put the wedding band on their left when rings are exchanged.

jmknbsc says:

Hi Greg:
I was going to comment about the photo of the hand out of the car window (8:30) some time back, when I first saw that shot. As far as I know no one else has commented on the fact that the hand is in the reverse (if the engagement ring is on the left hand as per norm). Is there a reason for the shot being shown this way?

shane weightman says:

good stuff Greg….

marekknowak says:

Great tips, thanks!

C4n4di4n1 says:

keep doing your thing brother you ROCK 😛

the white background looks great too !
take care from montreal canada !!!

Juan C. Hernandez says:

You,my good sir, need to publish your own book with all these tips- and on how to pose people! Amazing. going to use all your tips to shoot my first wedding on Saturday!

snuurtje says:

Great information, this is the hardest part of people photography I think, getting them into comfortable positions that work. Ive subscribed!

MrLobsterity says:


GregoryCazillo says:

I promise they are on my list. I have a bunch of them in mind.

MrLobsterity says:

Greg, we really need the posing videos. there is enough technical information everywhere, i already know more than enough tech, but when it comes to “-hey,how shall i stand? what pose to make?” – i’m lost, i can’t think out completely anything 🙂 or i can learn by heart some poses from an old russian “teach-yourself book for models”, but i don’t know when to apply which pose, so that book is not an effective learning source

iluk92 says:

1 “Dislike”… his wife must have cropped his balls out.. not Greg’s problem!

Jan Erik Edvartsen says:

It’s perfect if you have the Rule of Thirds in mind. His eyes fall on the uppermost line.

GregoryCazillo says:

Take good photos.

han1990sel says:

How should you launch a photography career? :0

MrPhoenix8008 says:

great advice great photos Greg thank you!

GregoryCazillo says:

Not if it needs to be cropped to 8×10 which happens quite often.

litoazmitia says:

Jeez I feel i should be paying you for all these free tutorials you dive us. Thanks boss.

Snakekilla12 says:

6:59 a little too much headroom in my opinion

Snakekilla12 says:

a lot of photographers, even pros that get’s published, crop fingers, hands, wrists, forehead, ankles, etc. It’s NOT a style choice, it is a technical error on user side, 1 being releasing the photo is an error with the poor crop, and 2 not paying attention when cropping in camera or in post crop.

dubstylzmw says:

Great video as always Greg. Keep em’ coming 🙂

Jan Töner says:

I KNEW there was a reason I’d subscribed. Mental note made (no chopping limbs and digits off at the joints). Not something I’d ever thought about but makes perfect sense now I’ve seen examples. Thank you Greg. 🙂

chargr383 says:

Great interesting video. Really puts taking portraits into perspective. Alot of details to pay attention too. Love the new video layout.

dobermansnp says:

Great video Greg!

jimmycrackedcorn226 says:

Use some of my work! 😀

dolansphoto says:

Very nice video Greg!

joel cleare says:

Keep these coming. Thanks for helping me be a better casual photographer.

joel cleare says:

Awesome awesome awesome video. It’s just important to me to know what not to do.

dakipro says:

Thanks for the effort, we really appreciate it… cheers, keep shooting 🙂

trmania says:

This video came at a good time. Now that I own two flash units, I’ll be experimenting more with portraits. Thank you for making these videos!

ktg619 says:

Duck-faced photos on Facebook perhaps?

SunsetRC says:

Thanks for everything Greg. You’ve been working so hard on your videos. Love the new white backdrop look too.

Tenzin Samphel says:

Great video thank you so much.

KCMPhoto says:

Awesome video!

jameslcr says:

peter hurley is famous for this one of the best headshot photographers in the world you will find him on youtube.

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