Portrait Photography using continuous lighting

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Gavin Hoey explores with the use of the smick.co.uk 3 head super softbox continuous lighting kit to take portraits. The kit is powerful and versatile, this is an alternative to studio flash for taking portraits, the main advantage is that you see what you get. The kit uses energy saving compact fluorescent daylight bulbs which means that they produce great light and not much heat compared with tungsten redhead type lighting. It can be used as video lighting as well as still photography making this a very versatile bit of kit. www.smick.co.uk


smickphoto says:

Each bulb is 50 watts

Danny Briones says:

what’s the wattage of each bulb used?

lemony1973 says:

continious light is splended!

sanjeev0786ful says:

U r genious

sanjeev0786ful says:

Hi amzng pic. U r taking sir

Abigail Argonza says:

thank you!! awesome! very helpful!

airsolaja says:

u r d best!

aFLYER1980 says:

very helpful for low key photography, thanks

HighlyClassifiedUser says:

Very useful, thanks!

Robert Vienneau says:

What heads are you using? 3 , 4 or 5 bulbs?
I am always shooting at least 2 people and often full length.

snowboardintahoe says:

i think it would be cool if showed un touched photos. all the photos are to soft.

DGD123GOMEZ says:

do i really need a hood for my lens? i just got those light from ebay, and now im not sure if i need a hood for my lens.

jun ling says:

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benjamindownesphoto says:

Great video Gavin, very informative.

Thanks for the tips :)

smickphoto says:

No one bulb would not give you enough power.

asiboy29 says:

nice, can i use one bulb each? and how much wattage should I need? thanks

doDo201994 says:

i’m in budget and i need studio lightning
i found some amazing kit .. but the ship weight to my country cost alooooot
can you recommend kit for me

and what do you think about the neewer flafh tt560 and tt520

thanx alot
(Excused my english language)

smickphoto says:

Yes the kit is very good for video

chanelboateng says:

Is this unit still good enough for video? am thinking of getting it

khapiray says:


mainegirl1985 says:

i was wondering if the setting on the camera would be about the same if you are using shoot through umbrellas???

999666xx says:

Great tutorial thanks.did you use the flash on your camera or shoot with on flash ?

TheZiggiization says:

What are the advantages of vinzl, compared to paper backdrop ?

gwhizz34 says:

Thanks Gavin,

Your Tips are extremely valuable to me and I look forward to seeing some more of them.

smickphoto says:

Vinyl 3 metres wide

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