Portrait Photography with Graham Monro

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Learn how to shoot great portraits in this photographer tutorial. Graham Monro, EOS Master and Professional Commercial Photographer, talks about his tips on taking portraits and the gear he uses such as the Canon 5D Mark II. Graham talks about his experience in the domestic field of photography as well as the importance of lighting and composition. Join in, find the inspiration for your photography and share at www.canon.com.au/worldofeos


savant disgrace says:

This guy has given some of the best advice I’ve heard on photography period. Straight to the point, enthusiastic and damn does he have skill.

chiddysparxx says:

This guys is all about photography…Wish i could work & learn from you mate!

CanonAustralia says:

Hey there, perhaps you can invest in Canon’s prime lenses such as the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM or the EF 85 mm f/1.8 USM? Check out our website for more information: canon.com.au/For-You/Camera-Lenses

4efam09 says:

What lens do you suggest for portrait work on a 7D? I can only afford one nice lens, so I’m not sure which one to get; 70-200, 24-70?? Great video, thanks!

Ich Andre says:

I’m planning on buying 105mm f2.8 macro..hope I make a good choice

photographerjonathan says:

I already did try the lens, but thanks anyway, Cheers

CanonAustralia says:

Head in-store and have a play with the lens. Let us know how you go. Cheers.

Graham Cowan says:


photographerjonathan says:

the picture of the baby that you show as an example of the 85mm f1.2, is a nice shot, but to me it doesn’t look like it was shot at f1.2, so I am curious if it is f1.2 or what f stop it was shot at ? I am curious because I am considering buying this lens, thanks, enjoyed the video

CanonAustralia says:

It is ultimately up to you, Anthony – both types of lenses gives you creative control over the shots you want to take. It also depends on the subjects themselves – some kids might be shy and you will need to be further from them for them to open up and still others love the camera. Experiment and see what you come up with. Cheers.

Anthony Tran says:

Would you recommend a zoom over a prime lens for shooting kids since they are continuously moving?

TheKocoka says:

These videos are so informative. All these little tidbits of information from a professional portrait photographer and more than helpful.

hennafied says:

Thank you for all your advise. You are very inspiring. Going out to shoot my kids now.

Malcolm McGrath says:

Even before I watched this video I had a dream list of gear and u have it, I just have 2 more lenses to get then im complete, the 85 1.2 and the 70-200 2.8 🙂

marihuana35 says:

Hello there, are you familiar with “PhotoSFXart” (just google it)? On their website you can watch a useful free video explaining the right way to create outstanding photos. This made it easier for Joe to create photographs which have that wow-effect while you look at them. Hopefully it will work for you too…

00amodgi says:

i enjoyed your video so much, it has taught me so much. i wanted to ask you if you would ever consider teaching wedding photography, because i would love to be taught by someone experienced in this field. please let me know if you offer such a service

MrMilanina says:

Does anybody know what is the brand of the reflector and diffuser?

Jego Francisco says:

This video really inspired me…. :)))

anub310884 says:

Its 10pm here where i am watching this clip and after seeing this video i just want to take some snaps straight away .. such an inspirational video .. even though he never inspires us by talking.. but truly his pictures and passion inspires me…

Mary Retoucher says:

thank you so much …Great work 🙂

政 黎 says:

excuse me, how to adjust the good color………..

sbroker4 says:

hey canonaustralia,

the first lens graham is mentioning is a 50mm f/1.2?…i’m sorry i couldn’t get it from video…it is@ 3:11…thank you…

startphotography says:

Nice video. Keep ’em coming.

CanonAustralia says:

Thanks for your question. Since you are going to be investing a lot in this, best is to head in-store and talk to one of our authorised Canon resellers. Many thanks, the Canon team.

DJFirestorm07 says:

EXCELLENT video! Thanks for all of the useful tips!

saulf757 says:

@CanonAustralia Would you recommend the canon 7D or the 60D? I recently had my entire set up stolen from my car when me and some friends were getting a bite to eat in Spokane, Washington. and I’m curious to see which is better. I usually shoot more sports and action photos but I’m really interested in going into macro and portrait photography. If you could recommend other things such as lenses and other equipment that would be amazing too!

Thomas Shue says:

At 1:12 that is a picture of Sue Bryce’s makeup artist right? Great work! what lens and body did you use to make that picture?

Lai829 says:

wow!!! so much information!! thanks so much for uploading!

defrule says:

Hi Canon Australia. This video is great but probably not useful for your average consumer who won’t be sporting a 5DMkII with a collection of L lens. Things like the EF 50mm 1.8 are great for the price.

justanoddkid says:

He’s so passionate about what he does. I’d love to be like this one day.

SoopaDoopaFlyy says:

lovely lenses…so expensive….one day! haha

YIMMA996TT says:

Thinks he’s a sniper. What a goofball

CanonAustralia says:

Definitely – they are both L lenses and will have similar build quality. Feel free to check the lenses out at your nearest authorised Canon reseller. Let us know how you go. Cheers, the Canon team.

chupacabra080 says:

..would you recommend the 17-40mm f4L as a sub for that expensive 16-35mm?…

ChadMcC01 says:

Great tips. Hope to go FF one day but got some nice indoor kids shots with a cheap Rebel XS and the nifty fifty. Have to start somewhere.

Dansshortclips says:

all canons most expensive lenses lol..

BonusVideoView says:

Very helpful! Please subscribe to my channel for more helpful videos & tips.

CanonAustralia says:

Great! Thanks, the Canon team.

ambeezyfotos says:

ThankS! Im viewing tha website now .. I actually meant like a set up such as strobe kits, && softboxes but I guess thats not necessary since I see your video on speed lites

CanonAustralia says:

By light kit do you mean external flash? Check out our website here: canon.com.au/For-You/Speedlites – let us know if you additional questions. Cheers, the Canon team.

ambeezyfotos says:

what light kit is the best for beginners?

twitch01 says:

why is the whole guide about children portraits?

CanonAustralia says:

Thanks for your comment. We believe it was the one with IS. Hope you enjoy your EOS 5D Mk II soon! Thanks for continuing to support Canon. Cheers, the Canon team.

BaccillusAnthracis says:

nice video,im a canon guy myself and an aspiring photographer.waiting for my 5d mk ii birthday gift from the misis.and hopefully a 16-25mm f2.8 and a 70-200 f2.8 is usm as ive already got the other beast which is the 24-70 f2.8 usm.in this video what kind of 70-200 f2.8 was it?as he didnt mentioned if it was with or without IS?

jasonasselin says:

this guy must have massive hands, those lenses look tiny.. but their not small

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