Scotland – landscape photography

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I conduct photographic workshops in Scotland. In this video, you see me describe some of my work and why I shot it the way I did.


John Swann says:

amasing photo

DigitallyillStudio says:

A real winner you got here.

grabedigger says:

That’s very true, the light in north is way more interesting than the light in the tropical areas, even for portraiture e rather use the northern light than tropical. Specially the warmer tones of the sunset.

taiachu says:

Really nice shots man!

Gufberg says:

That is absolutly stunning. The North has such great beauty – Norway, Finnland, Canada, Scotland and so forth. Despite its climatic ‘hostility’ its imo much more visually enticing than, say, tropical climates.
Amazing shots – I really got a sense and feel of the awestriking nature in Scotland 🙂

Hulio7271 says:

Stunning images!  Greetings from Canada!

Mircea Costiniuc says:

very beautiful photos

FinalRustyNails says:

you are very tallented at composition

FinalRustyNails says:

bad weather is great for black and wight

BintuHurairah says:

breathtaking. i love it. <3

Pianopod says:

Brilliant video on every level!

bellamoonnature says:

Much appreciation, such an inspiring video. Wonderful winter images.
Greetings from Australia.

johnhull1 says:

great video ,great images.

Math19910 says:

Damn nice work 

MrKarlisK says:

Very good pictures!

FlashJack2189 says:

great video and great photography. really inspires me to do some photography in Scotland.

kevin01041961 says:

wow i love Scotland but although i have the gear i never get shots like this

“bloody wonderfull any chance of taking me out next time?

kevin01041961 says:

wow i love Scotland but although i have the gear i never get shots like this

“bloody wonderfull

JessMika24 says:


djanstiss says:

Lovely video. Excellent tips.
Soothing music and lovely tone of voice! 🙂
Shame I don’t get much similar landscape in Kent!

Duggy171 says:

Excellent video! 

Thomas Clemens says:

Really great photos of a great country. I’d really like to visit scotland once more.
Great comments on you phptography, too.

Not quite as fascinating as the landscape of your country, but I like shooting at river Ruhr near my hometown in germany.

Enrico Pelos says:

Wonderful Scotland
Amazing pictures
Fascinating way of explaining a tutorial

Plutarco Petronilo says:


hull2474 says:

Very nice photos

alfilodeimposible says:

Great pictures. I really like the way you express your sensibility and passion for nature and photography. I must congratulate you.

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