Sony Alpha DSLR A200 review

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Full review at: An eight minute video tour around Sony’s new entry-level DSLR, the Alpha A200 by Gordon Laing, Editor of For our full review and pricing, please click the link at the start of this text.


KillaCamHD says:

can you record with it

TheSEADEVIL69 says:

That’s a mad one then lol? Same train of thought then ??? I’m getting a little better and confident now coming off auto mode, I just click away everywhere I go! I’m a mountain biker and may go for something different later on this year. Gordon advised on a Sony SLT and I’m drooling over the SLT-A57 at the monent. Have a look at some of my latest pics on Flickr…..Seadevil2012.

oretotnakngitit says:

hi gordon! i’m donald,, i have a sony a290 dslr cam,,since i am a beginner i have a question it’s about the Focul or F4 status on my cam,,why i can’t bring it down to F1.4?? wherein i want to compose a picture that the background is too much blured,,,i am using a sigma DL zoom 75-300mm and a 50mm,,,i am getting tips from youtube and i found ‘urs a good one! pls. help about this,,,tnx!!

Claire Jumper says:

Love this camera. I own it for 3 years and it´s still amazing!

TheSEADEVIL69 says:

Hi Gordon, I got the A200 and waiting for a used Sigma apo af 70-300mm F4.5-6…….
I’m just a beginner but just feeling the urge to use some manual settings. I’m going to Greece in July for landscape/coastal nature and action shots, so have you got any tips on this set-up? Do I just stay on auto settings and use up to 250ish on the zoom, or venture into manual settings….if so, what’s your advice for sunny Kefalonia ?

imydaking says:

thanks for you clear reviews 🙂

sexyspacemonkey says:

can any one help me, i have a sony a200, i put in my cable from camera to computer and nothing happens, camera says ”initializing usb connection” help!

rocker4579 says:

Does it record video?

1point7g says:

hi is the camera enabled to digitally record?

locosrayo says:

is the alpha a200 better than a230?

GnLReviews says:

Hi gordon, how come this lens has a small window on the top, and mine doesnt????
its the 16 – 80 mm like yours, but doesnt have the cool little window!

mike22490 says:

This camera or the nikon d300! help me choose youtubers.

AZNFlipy12 says:

it depens on the lens

moffe247 says:

I see you used the same image for both the A200, the A700 and A900. Did you use the same image, or did you simply take the picture(s) with all 3 cameras at the same time?

cjgan80 says:

lol , where that google ad came from -_-
wasted 25sec of my life

tanhockjun says:

Yes but it is best to buy a macro lens to take ,macro shot 🙂

rami22231 says:

i have D80

bute A200 is better

graffsax says:

hi, i got a sony alpha 200 on summer.. I am starting to work on a teen magazine at my town. I need some good and cheap lenses for sport photography and other party activity .. Please give me some info on what should i buy

yakuzachin88 says:

which one better, D60 or A200?

0123456789mckenzie says:

Does the A200 Have marco ? please comment back fast !

fallenembers08 says:

Zeiss and Nikkor are some of the best lenses on the market. Their primes are absolutely superb.

You have to remember the a200 is a budget model… If your a beginner and prefer sony, go for it.

Liuxs69 says:

is the canon eos 400d or the nikon d40???

nigel101 says:

im a photo student jsut started, need a cam, would you recomamd this cam or a canon D40.

Sungkawa says:

well but thats what counts doesnt it ?
the picture quality !

but what is even more great about this cam it is compatible with all Minolta Af Lenses so it has a large variaty of lenses to choose of !
and for Photography students like me a cheap solution to get cheap equipment
I coudn’t do that with my Nikon

tadej172 says:

well, It doesnt have more features and stuff than the d90, but the pictures come out better for me. 🙂

Sungkawa says:

oh really beter than the D90 I didn’t know that about Sony

dunkmack says:

lol, hes always like …ohh dude look at this shot its so cliche and cool…

tadej172 says:

yeah. I hate people that have their cameras in auto mode, and think they are profesionals. xD

dunkmack says:

yeah, my friend has it and he thinks he is ‘pro’ at photography…but he’s still using auto….

tadej172 says:

well, it’s a personal choice.. some people like it, some people hate it.
I personaly like it, but you have to have good lenses, to get good quality images.

dunkmack says:

hmm i havent tried those cameras but theyre probably very good…i just personally dislike the a200…

tadej172 says:

well, the poctures come out really good. On my 70- 200mm f2.8 the pictures come out amazyng!But like I sayd… Im changing to the a700 or a850 this year.

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