Sony Alpha DSLR A230 / A330 / A380 review

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Full review at . A 12 minute HD tour around Sony’s latest entry-level DSLRs, the Alpha A230, A330 and A380. For my full review of the A330 with comparisons,sample images, results and current pricing, please click the link at the start of this text or visit cameralabs . com. If you have any questions regarding this review, feel free to post on the Cameralabs forum!


vegaslastome1 says:

Can you tell me if there is a camera that can send real-time image on the computer via USB port in real time? or software to do that thanks

MeriapipBrandytook says:

do any of these models RECORD VIDEO?

Jaquan Cummings says:

mines just got stolen with all my lens :///

cameralabs says:

I reviewed the A77 at cameralabs . com! All my latest reviews are there.

Vicko Seno Saden says:

Sony Alpha 77 Review please.

Noah Francis says:

are you serious i have to watch a 2 and a half min add

ColeRobi5403 says:

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Dexorcitor says:

Got A330 Not really a great camera, the manual mode gets really crappy sometimes, the auto works better in the dark without flash though the manual doesn’t work as you want it to work, you have to get the shutterspeed way slower then you’d expect so it gets harder to take pictures when it is just a little dark, was going to take some model photos, but I needed to get around 5 lamps to get a reasonable light, but it got really crappy anyways. A bit problem in the Live view. just alot of bullshit

Matthew Loschiavo says:

No Recording….. FUCK

musguelha14 says:

It can’t record, watch the video!!

emirocks101 says:

Hi I really need help! Does the Sony dslr a-230 have good recording? Can you zoom etc? Thanks

TheOver15degrees says:

I have to Sony a230 and I have a Tamron 70-300mm lens, I want the image stabilisation on but it is unhighlighted. Do you know how I can get it to be turned back on, please??

Kerem Gogus says:

Great review thank you! Planning to go with A230.

CamaraMountClamp says:

Awesome camera.

Matthew Thomas says:

i had this camera but it is terrible

Dom Pender says:

does the a380 record video?

bustmust says:

says the guy replying to a 6 month old comment,

97adhib says:

Jheez you sound like a troll!

Luke Granger says:

lol gordon lane

startazz says:

Speak for yourself mate not other people unless of course you have asked everyone else,which we both know you haven’t ;-(

Bryan Smith says:

i am looking to find an entry level camera, this is a nice review and explained a lot in thank you for posting it, and thank you for speaking in laymens term and not just giving me the statistics the box tells me and not explaining what it means.

barryfitzgerald29 says:

It’s hard to take a DSLR seriously if it doesn’t even have an AEL button 😉
This is where the Sony DSLR range went bad..sadly

TrpDean says:

bustust just got pooped on

Prabin rana jung says:

hey i got the problem with my sd card which i use for my camera sony a330..i cann’t format nor can i use this with my camera…when i plug into my computer it sayes incorrect function…..plz can u help me out

Prabin rana jung says:

hey i got the problem with my sd card which i use for my camera sony a330..i cann’t format nor can i use this with my camera…when i plug into my computer it sayes incorrect function…..plz can u help me out

zofrah says:

Why are your hands trembling :/ watch your health.

TheKRNG says:


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haxproductions1 says:


cameralabs says:

there’s a simple solution to this – just watch videos without ads.

agentno923 says:

It’s not a matter of preference. It’s a mater of patience. I don’t mind waiting a minute of my day for a video I find worth watching.

bustmust says:

i dont know anyone that wants to wait a minute before watching a video, dont even tell me youd prefer having to watch ads all the time….

agentno923 says:


bustmust says:

jeez no need to write a fuckin paragraph, everybodys fed up with it,

cameralabs says:

Yeah, god forbid anyone actually wants to get paid for their work. And it’s doubly frustrating for you having to sit through an advert to watch something that is provided free of charge. If only food, water, electricity, houses, cars – in fact everything – was free, then we wouldn’t have to worry about earning money to pay for it. But I’m sure you work for free, so it’s ok.

bustmust says:

fuck this advertisement bullshit, fuckin 1:00 ads

MrBavaria says:

When I see your hands (at end of video) then I know why you need an image stabilisator. 😉 Damn…

locosrayo says:

is the alpha a200 better than a230?

datsridiculous says:

I wish you would do an alpha-to-alpha, as well as a brand-to-brand digital noise comparison

datsridiculous says:

Why on earth did they drop the CF slot?! Focus louder than my a300.

KZ118 says:

Vevo gtfo !

cameralabs says:

I know, that’s why I hardly ever post any new videos here. All my new content is at cameralabs . com.

cameralabs says:

Thanks for your sympathy. 

Chamberlinable says:

Don’t let the arseholes about ruin your day cameralabs, they are typical armchair critics.

Keep posting the videos, they are excellent.

John phillip Vallespin says:

hello. anyone can you help me? i got a problem on my a230. when i turn it to Manual (M) mode it will automatically switch to landscape mode. why is that? and then after it will back again to manual. sometimes when i play back the photos taken the manual or landscape mode mode will show up. whats wrong? please help me

serendipityuk says:

It’s YouTube, if you’re “fed up with all the dumb, rude or pointless remarks” then either stop posting videos, or stop reading the comments. It’s going to happen….

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