Sony NEX-6 teardown and Infrared conversion

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Video tutorial for taking apart the Sony Alpha NEX-6 and converting it for infrared sensitivity. More information and a photo tutorial can be found on


JayminiB says:

Which one would you guys advise me?

Sony NEX-6
Sony NEX-7
Canon EOS M
Fuji X-E1
Olympus OM-D E-M5

Thanks in advance!

krazi311 says:

so im pretty new to photography and im not sure why someone would want to do this. Could you explain? I did look at your site and i will say all of your pics look beautiful, but there was no section about the benefits of this process.

IRphotonet says:

anything can be tried… But I dont think you will be able to do that without damaging the sensor surface, the the shutter, or other internal components. Plus the whole camera will get very dusty inside which is also a very bad thing for cameras. The Nex 5 is a little easier the take apart, there are some videos around showing that.

Kiri G says:

nice !
I want to remove the filter I also disassemble the camera.

JogBird says:

just wondering, cant you just take a dremel tool and go through the front and cut of the ir filter? also, do you know if the 5N IR filter is just as easy to remove? i might do that just for fun

soupnazi81 says:

4:59 shock!

Joep Oonk says:

how did you get the nex 6 so soon? nice vid!

IRphotonet says:

I was very well aware that flash capacitors hold charge, I just did not expect there to be a contact at that particular spot… I left this bit in the video as I think it is a good warning for anyone doing their own conversions or camera teardowns

gimp1204 says:

Guess you didn’t get the memo about capacitors holding their charge!

titaniumslug says:

Keep all of your children animals or women away. lol

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