Tips on Posing for Photos (Portraits)

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Makeup tutorial for this look here New videos every Monday and Thursday! Here are some easy tips on taking portrait photos! If you’re already a pro at taking photos, then there is no need to watch this video haha! Let me know if you would like to see a video on posing with the body. I’ll get an expert fashion photographer to share some helpful tips! Music by Neon Hitch ft Tyga “Gold” Buy on iTunes Major props to the awesome Dr. Kathrina Agatep for correcting my smile and jaw! She’s the best on the West Coast for TMJ treatments! special thanks to the talented Joshua for taking my photos and sharing awesome pointers! He is the photographer who shot my Ever Eden photos! Here is a some behind the scenes video of us working together that was shot in April 🙂 Joshua M Shelton Photography His facebook page Brian Bins Design http Please check out my website, it’s updated daily! ♥ instagram is MichelleFawn ♥ Like me on Facebook! ♥ ♥ Follow me on twitter! ♥ this is not a sponsored video


hops226 says:

I love those glasses! what brand??

MsLuckyanime says:

We suffer bad school photographs then! XD But my school change photographers every year. Even so every year the school photographers rush us the same.

Þórdís Stephensen says:

I <3 U and your videos are so fun to watch!

LabYam says:

Our school had this really weird photographer. He spoke really fast, made a bunch of jokes (which I didn’t get at all) and hurried everything even though we had plenty of time. I suffer from social phobia, I hate whenever people try to rush me and if I can’t find a cause for the hurry I will slow down instead. So, the only thing I could think of doing was staring oddly at him and wondering what the heck whatever he had said actually meant. He also scared me. Yep, my pictures were horrible.

bobhyio bobhyio says:


Beria Cartmann says:

1:10 this is me

maynelly0585 says:

Thank you for the tips. I used them for a family portrait. They turned out really great!

Gavriella Tjandra says:

Michelle, how if I look terrible in every angle because I freaking tried what you did and still couldn’t find my best angle.

Margery Egerton says:

Good afternoon! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (search on google)? My mate James made some amazing photos with their video tutorials.

Pei Xuan says:

Of course u can be confident! You’re pretty

m3sm0r1ze04 says:

very helpful tip thanks michelle for sharing!!

SimplePony says:

You are so bautiful, and you have so nice smile (: ♥

Vũ Hưng says:

You are gorgeous in that Vietnamese traditional hat! :)

MsLuckyanime says:

Communication…? School photographers seriously don’t give a crap. They decide what angle I have ot turn, what position I have to sit and when I try to smile, the photographer said I looked creepy and it’s best if I just stick with closed-lip smiling… =.= I dun like school photos…

nutaholic27 says:

love thissss…!!

June NB says:

I’m sure you’re beautiful 🙂

ichivivi20 says:

I agree that it’s a lot easier when you’re pretty, but this video is about relaxing your face, being more confident in yourself, and finding your best angle so that the photographer can capture the best you 🙂

Sandra T says:

“It’s not your fault that the pictures turn out bad.” This quote gives me confidence!
Thank you Michelle!! 🙂

Sandra T says:

“It’s not your fault that the pictures turn out bad.” This quote gives me confidence, thank you Michelle!! 🙂

Kagomethefox says:

I think it’s all about confidence 🙂

SShawtyx3 says:


Attempt2Suceed says:

* straight at

Attempt2Suceed says:

My school makes you look straighter the camera no tilting :(((

44807maia says:

not hitler

AngelDemon Swords says:

I’m sure you’re beautiful! Everyone in the world is beautiful inside and out 😀

harryismineemma dealwithit says:

But your pretty though!! And im just a potatoooo.

Grace Macdonald says:

That is really helpful as I am studying to be a photographer and always feel awkward asking the model to move or look up or down

miSSyKa1987 says:

you’re so beautiful!! you look like Jessica Alba.

absolutallure says:

Why is that quote worthy though? 

tran le says:

how about wearing ao dai? 🙂

5626BREE says:

did you get your nails done or did you do them yourself and if you did could you do a tutorial?

ayyyem says:

k bye but it’s a perfect photo because you’re so pretty. ok

Jena Gilkeson says:


deeleahjerrianne says:

So Prettty! 🙂 Thankew for the tips!

MeritxellLovesBeauty says:

Could you possibly do one where it’s for a body shot (standing) 🙂

SELENiEE says:

ahha a lot of these are good for singing too

Joan Ehrlich says:

Same here!!!

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