TRUE HDR tutorial, shooting editing finishing for Instagram

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Follow my Instagram @newm4n for tutorials. This tutorial will teach you how to shot and edit True HDR image and prepare it to be posted on instagram. The process is simple and the result is awesome. You will need some application in the process such as Photoshop Express, iCameraHDR, Filterstorm and LensLight. Of course, you could edit the HDR further according to your liking. Happy watching.


msespindola says:

thx :D

Ferdinand Neman says:

The HDR feature in the iphone4 camera application is very basic and personally I can say that it doesn’t help much.

msespindola says:

Nice,but,now with the HDR option on the iphone,its worth using third party apps for HDR?i have an iphone 4

wowmalitv says:

its a lens

samstar5782 says:

hello bro…want to ask…what app u use for make pic like curve..eyefish …thanks

iwillnotbendover says:

hello can u do a video on merging the pictures before you start the photo shop? and also can you just do a face photo?

Faizadani says:

thanks for the guide bro

Scorpionjp65 says:

Sorry I see your name on top! Thakns

Scorpionjp65 says:

This is Awesome Tutorial! What’s your name in Instagram ? I would like to check your pictures. Thank you for shearing

cocotaso76 says:

thank you ! Amazing video ,very helpful.

Ferdinand Neman says:

Its an ordinary fisheye lens I purchased on eBay. You can easily find them there. The one that with an IPhone casing with a mounting screw for the lens. It also came with a tripod and tele lens.

MrNajimbu says:

which fisheye do you use?

yayacindyy says:

thank u so much for the tutorial ! very helpful to me ! : )

zed4zorro says:

Excellent! Thank you. I hv all these apps but I always get confused in filterstorm. Thank you for the detailed tutorial. Gonna try now!

Amit Goldstein says:

Thanks for this AMAZING video !!


Rvnningwild here, thanks for making a new video man. Awesome work and great tutorial!

ST7xLOBO says:

Very detailed explanation!! Thanks

forwardsikology says:

Awesome Newm4n!!!!! Very helpfull tutorial i love it!!!

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