Tutorial on how to shoot Panoramic photographs, by WDC

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Fotios Karakasis says:

what about parallaxis ?

partypie1977 says:

portrait mode…  needs to be in portrait mode

nbaallyearlong says:


cumenot8956451256 says:

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yhnfrduike26 says:

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kjdhjhvjchxkj says:

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Sheena Cheever says:

i think its much better to use the LCD screen as your viewfinder specially if your camera is not a fullframe so you can capture the scene on what the lcd shows you.

Edward Perez says:

Try to learn Photoshop

vincecreek says:

That panoramic photographs is awesome, I love that.

ihos501 says:

from that place, london looks clustered and dirty like rio and sao paulo

fxylxy says:

no mention of nodal points… pretty useless video

Aamnahz says:

no, i meant multiple shots..

Aamnahz says:

cool, thanks =)

Ryan Petitjean says:

You mean with a slow as hell shutter speed? Like 30 seconds, Bulb? That would be pure blur lol

sehiary says:

I experienced with the continuous shot you mentioned. It does not work for ideal quality because as the camera is moving and shooting, light does not enter the camera as if it were steady. Also you have to take in context motion blur and lens distortion. The best way to get the best quality and detail and a continuous exposure is to treat each frame as if they were independent and repeat the process.

Jovan987 says:

great vid! thx! :)

Aamnahz says:

how about doing a continuous shot an just moving the camera on the tripod when we are doing it? instead of taking shots one by one..

lachelleflockfxc says:

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voyager360 says:

This is a great video. You can post your panoramic images and make HD virtual tours with just a few mouse clicks by visiting Voyager360 (dot) com. Take a FREE 2 week trial.

Mni Toster says:

He used a Nikon D80

maticerso says:

and the picture????

Roland Bihon says:

what kind of camera did you use?

Patrick Pumpuang says:

It is all about the Nodal point of the lens. This means to turn the camera based on the plane that the front glass of the lens. Rotating the camera based on the tripod mount will produce non optimal results.

rajhbullhead says:

Thank You this helped me a lot. Well explained mate. =]

davidcarr404 says:

photmatx is the best

peterhqwen says:

i was cringing at the thought of you dropping the camera as you had no neck strap

roboticdah says:

where can i get a programme to stich all photos to create a panoramic?

pikachuthesquirtle says:

long and narrow. XD

Ralf Khayal says:

I ahve a sony DSLR a 350 but noguide came with it now after watching your tutorial I learned a lot more , thx4sharing.

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