‪Fashion Photography Exposed – Official Trailer HD‬

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Available now at: www.fashionphotography.com The Trailer for the most Comprehensive Educational DVD about Fashion Photography ever made. Brought to you by www.fashionphotographyblog.com Melissa Rodwell www.melissarodwell.com Produced by Matthew Wardenaar and Evan Matthew’s www.timeandactionproductions.com


MonzoFoto says:

I got this dvd and everything about it is just brilliant. With my elbows on my desk and hands holding up my head I sit here in awe. Because what this video shows is a glimpse of my future. My heart burns and melts for fashion photography. It’s only a matter of time that I meet the right people to make the right team to make my dreams a reality. thank you Melissa, you and your team are brilliant.

Paul Dewey says:

Follow up…. You would learn just as much if not more by just watching the free videos on her blog. There is really nothing different in what you are going to pay $350 for. It seems like nothing more then a money grab if you ask me. She acts through the whole thing like she is ‘above’ doing such a video, and thus gives you little to know knowledge throughout the dvd, as she appears like she could care less. Here is the secret, I will save you $350…. Book perfect looking models. Done

Paul Dewey says:

This ….. I don’t know how you call it an ‘educational’ video Wow…. $350. There is about 12 mins of actual anything any good on the entire dvd. If you learn by watching someone and guessing what on earth and how on earth they are doing it, then this might be a good dvd for you. And barely that. If you actually want any type of instruction…. pass. Most of this is just about kissing Melissa’s backside instead of actually teaching anything about photography. What a shame!

rrgevents says:

this video made me more inspired…

Emil Stancu says:


adbox24 says:

Dunno about the training but the video is awesomely made. Kudos !

bubblekai137 says:

Is this available to get in the UK too? 🙂

ilijacharmed says:

Can’t wait! This will be amazing! ^_^

TheNikonoclast says:

WOW WOW! Can’t wait to get this.

ClintParkerPhoto says:

This looks incredible!!!

Melissa Rodwell says:

Not currently.. But we are planning on releasing something small about it within the next year and if so, there will be a discount for previous buyers. Best, David.

naanod says:

Any in-depth material on post?

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