Cross Flash Effects, Outdoor flash photography

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hilderspell bound says:

cheers dom 🙂

westcoasthaase says:

nice back yard. When is dinner. I will bring the beer from Los Angeles…

iperspolise says:

I just left a comment under your video regards to D800. Would you go from D7000 to D800!

dombower says:

dont know when i have ever been against the d800. but some people will not need it at all, the d700 is still awesome, i use mine for ever shoot i do

iperspolise says:

Hey Dominic,
Are you still against D800? Would you still recommend D700!

dombower says:

d700 every time. Nikon cls

Kera Sakti says:

damn u good teacher :d

thx 4 video dom . .

for photo d700 or 5dmark ii dom ? and why ?

Lukáš Řádek says:

It is basically the same as this. Try it if you want :-). Take some rod (or sweeper.. whatever, that is long :-). First grip it with your hand at the very end and position it, so that the rod is vertical and your hand is gripping the bottom. Then try to hit the top from the side with your other hand. That re-grip it to let’s say 20cm under the top and to the same thing. Which way it stays more still? 🙂 Hope that helps.

Lukáš Řádek says:

Even though I ain’t Dom, I can pretty much tell you, that it is not going to be more stable :-). If you wouldn’t extend the legs and set it as a tripod (the normal way), it would definitely be more stable since the point, where legs meet is much closer to the tripod head. The setup that Dom has, has the stability based all on the vertical stick, which since is quite high and supported only on its bottom end, can be quite wiggly.

ArtistWoOoOo says:


modernwize says:

what are some good starter flashes? I just picked up my dslr last week!!


the title should say Cross Flash Effects with a Nikon camera and flash set up lol

jtan163 says:

HI Dom,

I notice when you have your camera set low, you extend the legs all the way and splay them out.
What I would have instinctively done was just not extend the legs all the way but not splay the legs out.
Is there a reason that you do it your way?
Is it more stable or something?
Or is that just your instinctive way.

jgarfieldphotography says:

No it’s not, a shoe that just holds the flash and does not trigger it is known as a cold flash.

Virtutise says:

very nice

CarlosJesben says:

What kind of tripod is this? It looks awesome. Great tutorials!

dombower says:

you might want to double check that. its a hot shoe if it has electricity going through it like if it is on the camera but if it is off camera… its cold.

Jose Lopez says:

DID he call it a COLD Shoe, its a HOT shoe lol

Darw1n1st says:

How come your out with only a shirt? Is it that mild where you live? i thought you were somewhere in the U.K.

hyperfocus2011 says:

just easier than carrying bulky lights arounds!

hyperfocus2011 says:


orangeadvan says:

fantastic effect. now if you excuse me, i’ll be doing a little experimenting of my own.

Mikhail Berlin says:

is that a tokina lens on your nikon ?! Which one?

DeejayyPuBLK says:

for a photographer you sure move your camera ALOT while making your video.

babeeshan9 says:

Ok, i can see that you have a lens adapter on your camera, right?

jubjuber1 says:

wow the nikon setup for flashes seems so much better than what i use on canon (7d and a 580exII)

ziggy149 says:

You just blew my mind. I haven’t started messing with flash yet. Looks like I need to start thinking about it or better yet, doing it. Need to do some more research though, but this gives me a great idea of what’s possible.

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