DSLR Buying Guide – Basic Tips

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I get asked quite often what should I be looking for when I want to get my first dslr. The most important thing is the glass, without better glass you will be much happier with your results and be less frustrated. You wil learn a ton as you grow so I try to focus on the basics right off the bat, not all the bells and whistles of the camera. Get the basic ideas right and you will be really happy.


MrChizu11 says:

Jared i was thinking about the Nikon D5100. What can you say? Please reply ASAP. I’m buying next week. 🙁

Vyas Anand says:

Very nice and informative videos

Beepthe says:


Luca Speretta says:

Hi Jared and thanks for your precious and very helpful videos! I’m almost ready to buy my first DSLR: what do you think of the Pentax K-30? I think weather resistant coat, double frame/time command and quite 100& wifinder could be some great mid-level characteristics to start “playing”…

JayMcDonalds4life says:

and the cheaper one is a refured body

JayMcDonalds4life says:

heres the thing, pay 675 for camera with kit lenses a 8gb secure 50x speed card,usb reader/writer, tripod, 5 peice cleaning, screen protector, tight bag, extra battery and a uv filter
pay 666 dollars for the body, a 50mm 1.8 and a sandisk extreme pro 8 gb class 10
and the camera is a T3i, so what would you recommend at this case?

jim Tate says:

super vid dude thanks

jeffe kumar says:

Hello there, have you come across “Photo SFXart Tricks” (google it)? On their website you will find a great free video explaining how you can make amazing photos. It helped Daniel to take pictures which have that wow-effect any time you take a look at them. Perhaps it will help you out as well.

mrlennybruce says:

Hey Jared, I love your videos so i’m not trying to be condescending with my comment, but there’s a difference between depth of field and bokeh… depth of field is the depth inside your field of view. At wider apertures, the bokeh effect is called the ‘shallow’ depth of field, not ‘depth of field’… Depth of field isn’t the term to describe the blown out backgrounds. The changes in aperture determine the shallowness or depth inside of the field of view.

Dantegal3 says:

please, help!!! Thinking on using a dslr to film tutorials… any suggestions?? I just need a good dslr for that purpose.

JaredPolin says:

The answer pretty much is no to cheap glass. It comes down to now that you are on a full frame to unlock the full power you will want to put the best glass on it to get the best results.

Imoney10 says:

Thinking about getting the nikon d600 for wildlife/sports what would u recommend other wise also a decent relatively cheap lens

sariflesa says:

isnt the kit lens f/3.5-5.6??? well im a canon shooter soo… also is 3.5 good for low light condition? i just want to not use my flash gun to take picture.

BloodCellBleed says:

amazon. com/Sigma-17-50mm-2-8-Aperture-Canon/dp/B003A6H27K

BloodCellBleed says:

Jared’s talking about this: amazon. com/Sigma-17-50mm-2-8-Aperture-Canon/dp/B003A6H27K

shelia french says:

I know you probably hear this all the time but i’m so glad I found ur videos. Just purchased my first DSLR camera I got the Nikon D3100. I was so lost at what to buy but someone steered me to that to get started & he also said its a good body & invest in the glass. I’m going to watch all ur videos love love love ur videos

Howard Beale says:

Yeaaaaaaah… You’re heeeeere!!

Noahnator3000 says:

Jared thank you so much, about a year and a half ago i purchased a d3000 and i became very unhappy with it.. of course i had the stock lens and the apature was absoloute shit! Anyways i watched all of your tutorials and now i think im going to purchase a t2i or a t3i, NO KIT LENS, with a 50 ml lens and a wide apature. thanks so much dude!

salnrobl30 says:

HI,thank you very much for all your videos,they have pointed me in the right direction,i have a canon t2i with the kit lens,but i am trying to get more serious into photography,in this video you talk about a 18-55 2.8 sigma lens,but all i can find on the internet is a 18-50mm 2.8-4.5 is that the same lens your talking about?

Alex Barrett says:

I disagree about the memory card u got ripped off in Ireland you can get a 2gb card for a fiver. get two and save urself a tenner

MrGotemcoach says:


DMIsREAL says:

my first camera is a (just got it) Nikon n8008s SLR and so far i love it.

mbsmithun25 says:

Hi there, have you come across “PhotoSFXart” (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you can watch a great free video featuring how you can create amazing pictures. This helped Daniel to take photos which leave you with a wow-effect any time you look at them. It might work for you also…

Sterilecreep says:

who do you shoot with?

TeDubbs says:

dont get sucked into the nikon vs. canon thing. Check out cameras from each side and choose which one based on your own needs.

Treefingrs says:

Cheers for the advice, yo.

tiyawn29 says:

Your brain is surely,stoned!

tyler lynch says:

oh shit I bet Lekmann fells like an ass now haha

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