DSLR Camera Focus Tips

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www.steeletraining.com – Get sharp photos with your DSLR camera with these five professional focus tips from photographer Phil Steele.


BigJohnnyEH says:

First time I have seen your video. Excellent tutorial, great tips and very easy to follow.
Thanks. I.m now subscribed =)

elusivepuzzle says:

great, very helpful! agree with fielding68, top class tutor.

Breea Madilyn says:

Good morning! Have you ever tried photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My cooworker Allan made some extraordinary pictures with their photography tutorials.

WillHdzPro says:

Thanks for sharing, great info and great quality tutorial. I just subscribed.

Randell John says:

Really great tutorial, well explained and demonstrated.

amar064 says:

you are a very good photographer and very deep knowledge oh photography . you explained perfectly…………thanks for your nice tutorial

Abbas Ali says:

excellent video, very clear, thanks a million

aokaddaoc says:

you solved my problems

Vyas Anand says:

Very nice and informative videos

hennexx123 says:

very helpful 

fikry sulaiman says:

hello phil, i do wedding photography & i have problem when the bride is walking towards me..while the camera is focusing then the subject already moving towards us..then camera is snapping absolutely out of focus..i don’t think the way you show on this video can apply in this situation because in wedding we don’t have much time to manually focus..please help me 🙁 love from MALAYSIA 🙂

PolarisVideos says:

awesome information Phil. I thought a new how to use “focus and recompose” but now i understand more about how it works and why it doesn’t always work!

zhch15 says:

Don’t! Your focus will shift as you zoom…

igetsmart says:

nice video – Sony offers focus peaking for those who like manual focus – keep videos coming

HoooReey says:

This is very helpful video… Tnx

PbVeritas says:

Is it smart to zoom onto your object, focus, and than zoom back out (to frame the shot)?

Norm Lajoie says:

Thanks for the great tips ! makes sense to the more advance but… NOOB entering the DSLR realms…. need videos like this…

Thanks again !

MrBlackbox007 says:

wow great help

but it will me much more fantastic if u can show the photos u took with that tips

robert nedir o says:


bleyland629 says:

Thank you for upload 😀 i found my self using some techniques already 🙂 awesome

sumwl says:

Love the information~ I think it will benefit a lot of people who is interested but still not quite sure what to do with their DSLR.. ^.^

Axel sypkens smit says:

dat rick

dlmahtani7 says:

Great stuff. Just subscribed.

Manuel RC says:

brilliant tips, thank you!

Al Heeley says:

a bass guitar, whats yr point? (Nice bass as well) Tutorial is also quite useful, thx

Joseph Oh says:

At last… I FINALLY find the exact tutorial I desperately needed!!! Thanks much!!!

Rationalific says:

These are some brilliant tips!  Subscribed.

tramyead says:

Hi Phil – after auto-focussing, and then you switch the lever to manual focus, does the camera stay at the auto-focus distance even if you let your finger off the shutter release while switching the lever?
Congrats for the SIMPLICITY of your explanations.
Warm regards from Mauritius
Tiberman Sajiwan Ramyead

Spade193 says:

Wow what an awesome tutorial you explained everything perfectly, you just got yourself a new subscriber!

Dilio Segundo says:

when u shoot with flash … do u select flash in WB? … and … what picture style do u shoot .. portrait .. faithful … neutral?

Dilio Segundo says:

man .. UR THE BEST!

GeekInGreek says:

it is a freakin bass!!!

Christopher King says:

Yah man I’m going to have to go there on the microphone…. I am working a 60D right now, it does the trick in most circumstances…. but on the microphone what are affordable alternatives to a Sennheiser… looking to move up from my Rode SVM (in situations where I don’t have a hostile subject at least LOL).

Aya Tawfik says:

Very useful… Thank you 🙂

missbeans says:

This was incredibly helpful, thank you! Last week I upgraded from a point-and-shoot to a Canon Rebel, and have been struggling with auto-focus, and wondering what those strange little dots in the viewfinder are! Do you by any chance have any tips for focusing on a dog running around? I love getting action shots of my dog, but it’s nearly impossible to predict where she will be, so pre-focusing doesn’t seem practical and I’m a bit stumped at how to get the clear focused shots I would like.

kirsty841 says:

Just found your tutorials via petapixel and wanted to say how refreshing, straight forward, clear and helpful they are. Thank you so much, total breath of fresh air.

fernandatralala says:

Great tips! Thanks 🙂

Frederick Jones says:

Very Very nice….Easy, Clear cut.

Kumar Dosi says:

Phil, great tips in such a short video. I tried something this morning on the manual pre sets on my cats and it works magic.

Javierhuanay says:

Muchas Gracias Phil, excellent work!!!

Javierhuanay says:

Muchas Gracias Phil, excellent work!!!

Dilan Perera says:

short and sweet, great!! thanks!

MRmaterolo says:

The last tip JUST ROCKS!

Willing to buy your flash photography course!

hawiianpwr says:

Your videos are great! They are simple, well composed and informative.

TheBiggervern says:

Brilliant tips! Thank you. Was a bit concerned that while you were emoting with your hands that you were going to knock one of those lovely cameras onto the floor.

gforgurpreet says:

Hats of to you for this wonderful Video ….

Truc Tran says:

Thank you for your great tips.

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