DSLR Flash Photography Tutorial – Basic Beginner Speed Light Flash Tutorial using Nikon SB700

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hkat9 says:


jeffrockr says:

without envelopppeeee was my favorite, I like the shadow.. I HATE MY SB400 … how much for the flash you had there the 700

FLStudioTutorialz says:

Thank you so much for this clear tutorial.
Like that.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Watch my other flash photography tutorial where I talk about flash power. The zoom doesn’t matter as much as people think it does. If you can match the zoom to your focal length then it’s great otherwise it’s not a big deal.


hi im i just bought yn560 to take a new step in flash photography.. whats the diffrence by increasing your flash zoom, increasing your flash EV.. and increasing your flash power.. i took a few shots @ 18mm w kitlens in a dining room where my 3 cousins are sitting on a couch with this flash and it turned out theres only slight sign of flash power.. so what are the options i have to get the right effect~ sry for the noob question.. thx in advance~

nicechineseguy says:

great tutorial.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

It depends on your budget. I have reviewed one cheap flash already. A link of that video is on my aperture video and I’ll be reviewing another cheap but good flash in a couple of weeks. Thanks for watching.

pamelapaulhamus says:

Thank you for the tutorial! I have a D3100 and would like to purchase a speed light. How do I determine which one to purchase?

LollyStark says:

Wow this video was very good! I have a D5100 & I am looking for a good flash to use. What kind of camera did you use in this tutorial?

Tobias Solem says:

Great tutorial man! So many video tutorials overcomplicate things, this is extremely straight-forward and gets right into the essentials. Just like I like it. With that said though, I would like to see an additional menu using the CLS-system with the flash off-camera. And perhaps even an explanation of high speed sync.

Chamal Heminda says:

thanks heaps for valuable info, im gonna use my SB700 confidently tomrw

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Every single person (all the men) are bald in our family bro. Thanks to our grandfather lol.

AllegedlySpiffy says:

DHT blocker, low level laser therapy, Vitamin C, fruits, nuts. That should help the hair 🙂

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thank you much! You must get a speed light that can rotate 360 degrees from both sides. I don’t know what your budget is but SB700 does that. I not only own it but it’s my go to speed light. I’ve used SB600, SB800 and SB900 as well but SB700 is my favorite. Not heavy and packs a punch and rotates 360 degrees. I’ve compared that flash with SB600 if you want to see the review. Thanks for watching!

whatpoem says:

I really like that you not only showed the controls close up but also showed the speedlight “in action” as well as the end result. What speedlight could you recommend for the Nikon D80? I’ll be using it for indoor event photography (like weddings). Any advice is helpful! Thanks.

CanecaProductions says:

Cool Video :P

Teetus P.Samu says:

thank you

SqueeG19 says:

thaannkk yoouuuuuuuu. i understand it now lol. i spent forrreevver trying to figure this stuff out

fvgotch says:

It was a good learning lesson. Thanks!

PHOTOismythang16 says:

Good vid, But kind of dark…..use Flash lol. But yea learned from so productive

PhotographersOnUTube says:

It was towards the ceiling. I think I used 50mm lens so when I use this focal length I normally bounce 90 degree straight up the ceiling. I never flash the subject directly unless I am in a total desperate situation and I have no shot of bouncing the flash off the ceiling but it normally doesn’t happen.

zcarenow says:

when you were shooting vertical, was the flash pointed up towards ceiling or towards Danny? I couldn’t see it properly…video was kinda dark. Thnks.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thank you! Watch my video on CLS Creative Lighting System. I showed how you can use TTL which is auto for beginners but if you know how to manually set the flash power then instead of selecting TTL you can choose M for manual. I have tutorials that teach how to use manual flash. There are total of 4 videos on flash I think.

braty0007 says:

Great video! Very detailed and easy to understand!  Do you know how to remotely use the sb-700? If so, will you be making a video on that??? 🙂

pandajdm says:

Very educational.

mikebig420 says:

WOW I LEARNED ALOT Please do more

daisukiaprilrose says:

that’s cool! i’m always on a manual mode and love to shoot portrait. thanks for the quick reply and hope to see your next tutorial soon. Awesomeness 🙂

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thanks man! I’m going to do a video on manual exposure/flash as the settings will depend on how much light is present, size of the room, etc.

daisukiaprilrose says:

good job man! awesome vids and tutorials. it really helps a lot. any way i was wondering what setting do you usually use in shooting portrait photos? i’m planning to get an sb-700 this week. thank you

monBikiron says:

good job man

jelston4 says:

I favor the shot with the envelope as the reflector…..GREAT TUTORIALS!!

PhotographersOnUTube says:

50mm 1.8D an Amazon link of this lens is listed on my site.

360mix says:

google.. camera shutter sound and download one that you like… I do like your tutorials!!

PhotographersOnUTube says:

I love the idea of shutter sound. Not sure where I could download it from though.

360mix says:

Excellent tutorial learned alot from it.. thank you… How ever I do have one suggestion.. when displaying differences between pictures don’t just fade to black between images. because its hard to compare the differences between images.
use standard cut and you can even add a shutter sound effect between images.. thanks..

fallingdownthestairs says:

Thank you so much!

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thank you, gajetjoe! I appreciate that.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Yes, eventually I’ll do a video on it. Right now I’m trying to get all the main stuff out of the way. Some of the accessories that I have used and recommend are listed under “budget photography” on my website. I am not big on filters. You should have a UV filter which pretty much protects your lens. You have a polarizing filter which is good if you do a lot of landscape work. It eliminates the haze. You have ND8 filter. I talked about that in my shutter video.

fallingdownthestairs says:

Could you possibly do a video discussing “accessories” that people will need or that are useful when someone is buying their first DSLR? Filters, cases, what type of memory card to get, etc.? Some of this is probably obvious but some of it not so much. If not, I still have a question about filters: what are they, do I need one, and how do I find out what kind I need?

These videos are lovely!

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Yes, manual flash is the way to go. No guessing game. You get the same exposure. In TTL your exposure can change in the next shot. Then you’re trying to adjust the flash compensation. With manual, you know what you’re going to get. If someone takes pictures in auto, then I understand but to take pictures in manual with TTL…. I don’t get it.

Jack Jackson says:

Thanks Jibran. All information is helpful.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

I don’t know where you had the focal point placed. It’s fastest in the middle. So if you move that on the far left/right it won’t be as fast as the mid focal point. I think this was because of low light but in manual there shouldn’t be any drag specially at 250. Manually focusing moving subject is hard because the distance is changing in a fraction of a second. You could also try AF-C for next time and see if that’s any better.

Jack Jackson says:

It was at first not focusing fast enough so I went to Manual focus and was a little faster. I was set at about 1.8 i believe but was shooting at 1/250 or 1/100 but by the time the lens opened and shut they were about off of the stage. I changed my focus setup so as I could just focus on the subject at the same location then clicked the camera in standby then shot when the next person walked up. worked a little better.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

First I thought maybe your camera/flash were set on rear curtain sync but it seems like the camera is just not focusing fast enough due to lack of light. If the kids are just walking, you could still freeze them at 1/80 without blur. I know the event is over but for next time you could drop the speed to 1/80 which will let more light in. I don’t know what aperture you were using but in a situation like this you open up the aperture even if it’s 1.8 and give you soft image.

Jack Jackson says:

Blur on the shot and when you push the shutter to shoot it is slow response before the lens actually opens then shuts so they have walked a couple of feet. I found it rather hard to catch the subject before they left the stage as it was very slow when depressing the shutter. A lot of the times causing blur. If you are able to shoot, you are only able to shoot one shot not multiple, even if the flash was able to recover because of the slow response of the shutter.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

If you’re a bokeh fan, then you need a 85 1.8. Again, 85 1.4 is not worth the extra $ to me.

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