DSLR Movie Making Tips

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A video packed with great tips for DSLR movie making using a PENTAX K-5.


421578danny says:

I remember last time i putted my cam in an interesting place

sixamsedna says:

how did you do the motion graphics at the beginning of the video? is this all from AE? or a blend of Photoshop design and importing into AE and keyframing things?

Ali Sharifi says:

the quality of this video is good!!!

Roshan Shrestha says:

Hey there, are you familiar with “Photo SFXart Tricks” (do a Google search for it)? On their website you will find a good free video explaining the right way to take better photographs. This made it easier for Joe to shoot photographs which leave you with a wow-effect any time you take a look at them. It might help you too.

willmax95 says:

tip #2, when its cloudy out, set your white balance to cloudy, not daylight.

DrChrispocalypse says:

why is some of the vidoe in 2:1 aspect raio if u where recoring in 1080p

TheVepoch says:

Check out the rig we’ve got on our channel. Everything needed.. TheVepoch

whatsaidthehippo says:

Stupid video, learn how to film skateboarding before you make a video acting like you know what your talking about. id rather adjust my kelvin by myself instead of presets, you should’ve been using between 4200-4600. also try not to cut off so many heads, definitely don’t have anyone in front of your shot, and never do that up angle with the sandbag, EVER.

TJoKayaking says:

I found some good tips in this video, thank you.


dslr is the fu>>devil my dream was to buy a super doper videocamera and the i realize that the dslr is better … i want to kill someone

ImproveYourSkateVids says:

that adjusts the sharpness of the image though…

Dustin Kruisman says:

A higher shutter speed will reduce motion blur 🙂

Dustin Kruisman says:

No, not the sharpness 🙂 Shoot with a higher shutter speed to reduce motion blur

ImproveYourSkateVids says:

turn up the sharpness?

MegaRussian96 says:

2:03 Bo Burnham?

Shofikul Islam says:

Hey, do you know “PhotoSFXart” (do a Google search for it)? There you will find a nice free video explaining the best way to create amazing photos. This made it easier for Matt to create photographs which leave you with a jaw-dropping-effect after you look at them. It might help you as well.

WhatTechShow says:


hardcoremofo says:

NICE! keep posting stuff up brother. we need it.

leoleonardo says:

want at least 720p

“Shooting in 1080p” *but rather than wait for a large video to upload I said fuck it and compressed the shit out of it*

otze2007 says:

5 0 on a 600 bucks lens…thats rocks^^

SwitchRich says:

Actually sk8gurra is right – you’d never get anything published in a respectable skateboard magazine if you took photos / filmed like this. If you’re really interested in how the pros work search you tube for ‘Composition – Skateboarding Photographer Michael Burnett’.

Subarna Ghimire says:

Hi there, have you tried “MagicSFXphoto” (just google it)? There you can watch a smart free video showing how you can make outstanding photos. This made it easier for Daniel to shoot photographs that leave you with that jaw-dropping-effect any time you look at them. Hopefully it helps you also.

Chris Breizh says:

only an immature skateboarder douchebag could make a comment like that. His filming is way better than your lame-ass ollies, have you thought about that ?

neotronable says:


GMPman25 says:

how do you get that choppy look. i thought only full frame dslr’s do that. help

CharlesHenrySanson says:

Looked great, no problem with 360p on the web.

patcairnx says:

Thanks! This video was awesome.

Unintelligenda says:

His technique seemed fine to me. The video not being in 1080 is the only mistake I noticed really. Care to explain?

TheOpenfield says:

it haz awesome quality anyway

Quatro PRO says:

I have two question:
Which canon lens is better for the video for my 600d (T3i):
1CLASSE ONE.The lens 17 55 or 24 105 mm, which is the first place to make music video, top quality?

2.CLASS TWEE Lens 18 200 mm or 18 135 which one it will be better for the video, the higher quality?

Gustav Löfgren says:

TIP 1: Don’t use skateboarding as an example when you have no idea how to film it properly.

ApertureMovies says:

tip number one, don’t upload in 360p

StingiiDesigns says:

What Slider do you have in this video?

miltontalonreport says:

high shutter speed 

Alex Cooper says:

after finishing this video I can say that this guy probably does the type of filming for skating that is mostly seen by people who don’t skate

Alex Cooper says:

he cut off the first trick at 0:20 haha

AWRnugget says:

Have test runs ?


crappy video good tips!

ssimonj says:

the song is really good. who is it?

lifeartpixels says:

@pentaxtuk nice video!

Gallosafare says:

A tip for you. When you use DSLR cameras for video outside or in a bright room, you have to cover the viewfinder.

why people want to make videos or tutorials about something they learned on youtube video.

mrPACarrier says:

You filmed this in 1080p 24fps right? If so, how did you got thoses smooth footages without blurr?

RedSpectrumPictures says:

Very interesting video, thank you for sharing with us
– Red Spectrum Pictures

Clapboardstudio says:

I like how they lens doesn’t make everything to distorted.

brandong123 says:

As he had the wide angle lens on im sure focus wasn’t an issue

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