Fashion Photo Shoot- The Lost Doll- Emily Soto Photography

or copy the link PS Actions available at http Song: Lisa Mitchell, Neopolitan Dreams (Cover) Editorial for Étoilée Magazine Model: Katelyn Byrd with No Ties Hair/MUA: Jen Kolhagen Stylist: Ian Grove


PhotoGuy30523 says:


69ahay says:

Awesome 

Allie borba says:

I agree with CrankyOne. I would totally pay for a video with your commentary and knowledge! your work is stunning and completely beautiful!

James Meadows says:

Love your work, this is like the 4th video of yours I have watched! Have a question, what type of editing program do you use for your photos?

SimplyGFXTutorials says:

Hey guys, please check out the Emily Soto inspired photoshop tutorial on my channel! It would mean so much to me as I love her works! 🙂 thanks! /watch?v=DkiXrRw8Obg

FAQUIO says:

emily do you see a big difference between the 7d and 5d for portraits

EM!LY SOTO says:

i <3 u and my idol ive always wanted 2 b a photoogropher did i spell that right?oh u

Eduardo Regueiro says:

Fantastic work!!

Voodoochill says:

Fantastic, as a guy my tastes in shoots are more contrasty edgy, but looking at your work really fascinates me despite what i just said. Your shots are awesome. Greetings from the Philippines!

Tim kum too says:

Lisa Mitchell

kbudiarto says:

Use ND8 filters or darker.

Kevinjandro says:

Hello does anyone know the name of this song……

Cristiano Trindade says:

Hello Emily. I’m from Brazil, and a great admirer of his photographs that I took my doubts. Here in Brazil, not meeting this spring that you use lighting in photographic essays. Could the same effect with an umbrella? I have a Sigma 70-200 2.8 and a Nikon 50 1.8. With the same effect as that of his photographs. Believe you do not want to emulate because it is impossible, lol. Most would rather have a chance to at least come close to what you do. Thanks in advance. You are very talented.

jun ling says:

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w w­fe­ature=mhee

xXHappyxAssXx says:

emily, could you ever show us any unprocessed SOOC pictures?

Emily Soto says:

Yes I am mostly using the mola, it is shot with the Sigma 85mm 1.4 lens

defuze mag says:

hi, is the beauty dish the only filling light you have used in the shoot? did you use the reflector to fill in some shadows along with the beauty dish? And what lens do you use? I love these photos! :) Keep it up x

kc0793 says:

whats with the rag doll?

DzejuDzej says:

beautiful works, i have to try strobing outside too 🙂 greetings from Poland

grabedigger says:

It’s called ND filters mate, the ones you can attach to the end of the lens. If you use an ND0.9 (3 stops filter), you can manage to use the background as the flash lits the model. Don’t close the apperture too much, or the flash will be made useless, the apperture has a direct influence over the flash exposure. So, you buy some nice front thread ND filters, and there you go! Cheers! 🙂

mrdarryl2row says:

Beautiful work!

TOCBass31 says:

@emilysotophotography are you adding that flare in PS?

cspp5 says:

That’s awesome !!
and i love the some too, can i know the name of the song?

paulaloneproductions says:

Simple lighting; nice results! Congratulations!

Sarawuth Mingkhwan says:

Thank you for sharing :D

RattuTV says:

do you use your 85mm alot for these shoots?

acesofgambit says:

wow you’re such an amazing artist:)
you inspire me 🙂
I’m a beginner and wanted to learn portraits.
May i ask you Madam Emily if you don’t mind?
What lens you use?
thanks and God bless 🙂


fpsanders123 says:

agree with you ! 🙂

DenwarTheoriginal says:

lots of options, ND filters, Telephoto lens, Hyper-Sync PW’s or Photoshop 🙂

SUFAU001 says:

OMG THAT IS AMAZING!!! The pictures are so beautiful! I wish I could do that too..

kimortizphotography says:

I am a new fan. I love how you make lighting simple with just an AB1600 and the beauty dish. I am going to have to incorporate this in my photography. Now, I only shoot natural light even though I have the AB800 and large Octobox. It’s just very large to take on location without an assistant.

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