Fashion Photographer, Ella Manor: How’d They Do That?

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Adorama Photography TV Presents Ella Manor in this week’s episode of How’d They Do That? Ella is a fashion and fine art Photographer based in New York City. See more of her work at: For more interviews with fashion photographers and related articles, go here: Buy Lensbaby lenses at Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35 Optic for Nikon Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic for Lensbaby’s Creative Effects SLR camera lenses Visit for more photography videos! Send your questions to:


uPHALbra says:

ya you dont even lift, what a waste brah.

The80sKickAss says:

lol go back under your bridge 🙂

uPHALbra says:

do u even lift?

The80sKickAss says:

yep, I got a badge and everything.

uPHALbra says:

Are you the internet police? get the fuck outta here

uPHALbra says:

adorama is garbage. inviting brilliant artists to show their work and then are paid to say i use this and that. then Mark turns around and says, Oh you can get all the same gear she uses at adorama for a great double the price it original retails for! Channels like Adorama is the reason why there is so many bad photographers. What makes a bad photographer? Some one who thinks that a good image comes from the gear used.

ThePhotoXpeditions says:

Ella is indeed a genius in the world of fashion photography!

carlo jay Copada says:

Hands down madam!
just inspiring!

Dinahhs3 says:

Too much photoshop …

2legit2quitz says:

you’d think by doing Fashion photography she’d learn a thing or two about clothing. what is she Amish?!

SmudgeVision says:

Check out my Fashion photography ! Trappedscenery Photography Follow me on Twitter @FortJackson

maryloucries says:

ummmmmmm…um ah dick head

FaLLeNaNg3L82 says:

ahhhhm….ahhhm…ahhmm… ahh…..

Girisgreencrazeiful says:

im 15 she is my inpiration, shes been my inpiration since i was 12 or 13

Girisgreencrazeiful says:

im 15 she is my inpiration, shes been my inpiration since i was 12 or 13

essellar says:

Of course, none of that could have been done in the darkroom while printing, right? (Hint: it’s not a real problem using lith film for hard masking, continuous-tone B&W for transition masks, burning/dodging, and so forth – except for getting the filter pack/dichroic settings zeroed in for each exposure due to reciprocity failure.) We old dinosaurs had and used tools for almost unlimited creative expression; PS just takes the drudgery out of it. It’s

georgeford1949 says:

There is some serious money worth of equipment on those sets.


Her work is amazing.

memorilife says:

Love her work.

H3nrix says:

welcome to the 1920’s 🙂

Snakekilla12 says:

video graphic error near the end, just wanted to point that out. 10:40

perspicaz says:

Very creative photographer and interesting interview

Fennimas says:

What an inspirational photographer!!! This was a great interview, cool to hear how she creates those amazing masterpieces! I’m a fan!

HumanZoo22 says:

I can see it as a tool, but to make a fake double exposure – Ansel Adams wouldnt do that. To use a tool to make a completely different image that the picture you took, than its no longer a tool, and your no longer a photographer, you have just turned into a graphic designer.

gordontarpley says:

Of course she’s a photographer. What you’re saying is more the equivalent of saying “Real lumberjacks should only use crosscut saws and axes. NO gas/electric powered devices for cutting trees or you’re not a “real” lumberjack.”
Photoshop is a tool, not a cheat.
It’s like saying Ansel Adams was a terrible photographer because he burned and dodged while developing his images, along with hand touching photo blemishes with paint.
As technology evolves and so does the art.

shlomki says:

English is not her first language. She is originally Israeli, and her first language was Hebrew. soooooo… ummmm…. STFU.

HumanZoo22 says:

how ca a person take credit for being a pgotographer, if they create the image on a PC withg photoshop? thats like me calling myself a lumberjack but i only cut the precut wood from home depot in my workshop on my workbench.

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