Fashion Photographer, Laretta Houston: How’d They Do That?

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In this episode, Laretta Houston tells us how she shoots amazing fashion portraits. New photographers take note – she has only been doing this for three years!


mynameisrits says:

Wow she’s really good for only being in for 3 years!

Onathzky JDC says:

I love this channel!.. now I would like to buy a DLSR and get the learning started!! I would love to have a Cannon since she uses that camera, could you please give me some tips on what camera specs I should look for when buying one that is not too basic nor a ‘very beginner’ kit while having a “reasonable new comer” budget =)… THANKS a lot!!!..

Preston House says:

A lot of Youtubing! Glad to see someone does the same thing I do!

MonzoFoto says:

I like how Mark Wallace is uninterested completely. He diffidently doesn’t wanna be doing this. He needs to be replace, he needs to go away. Along with the over priced Adorama company.

zoomonme says:

shaunalexander . net / photography-workshops/

zoomonme says:

I would love to have you in my fashion photography workshops as a success story
please contact me

Jewell Bunch III says:

Amazing shoot

georgeford1949 says:

I love that fast motion photo of the biker in the beginning!

ClintParkerPhoto says:

This has some real insight, thank you!! Has anyone here heard anything about the fashion photography exposed DVD by Melissa Rodwell? I really wanna buy it but have heard nothing about it yet…

Laretta Houston says:

I appreciate the comment. Thank you so much.

l31007 says:

I was about to say the same thing, so I’m sure there’s plenty out there thinking likewise. It’s very refreshing to see such a talented young black woman. Many women get into photography but get stuck when elements start to get too technical. Thank you Mark and Laretta for sharing this.

af951 says:

Although she did not get into specifics, she is still an inspiration to potential photographers. I am curious as to why she is still hanging on to Canon 30D, when a 5D series full frame could benefit her more. And yes without good help you can’t do it alone. We should always thank the people who led us in the right direction. I did not hear that. Interesting overall.

Kelvin Bushan says:

Big props to Laretta and her team of professionals who give their all in creating such wonderful images. It’s not every photographer who would reveal their secret to the world. I understand totally what she means when she talks about 75% of the creativity happening during the shoot. It just goes to show that her creativity comes from within and a little added help from the support team. She gets a thumbs up from me. Kelvinbushan – Atlanta Photographer

smartboy9t says:

thank you mark for this. it has been very helpful. its nice to see regular/normal people getting interviewed. laretta is awesome. 😀

does she have a website where we can see her other work. 🙂

Clarence Chin says:

An amazing young photographer~ self-tought and look at her achievements in just 3 yrs~ WOW !!!

dominicanfigure169 says:

did say shit at 7:20

TheBruceLee007 says:

very sweet & incredibly talented: rare find. thanks, love the vid.

kingskid96 says:

-as an assistant to a celeb photog I can vouch for that! I work really hard and of course it is rare that people stop and thank us for helping. I mean, it’s cool, but you are soooo right, though.

Michael Rowlandson says:

sounds like alot of work :D, i find that photographers can never give enough credit to their crews as they wont take any good photos, or capture their ideas wthout the help of a team.

gadernal617 says:

she inspired me, magic can be done with lower end models!

goonrush says:

she’s a good inspiration

global001 says:

Thanks for giving us an open and honest insight to how a pro photographer works. Its interesting to see that she creates her own filters. I didn’t know that could be done.

WiseGuy02 says:

Great to see someone making a living as a photographer without a Canon 1DS!

Neiltot says:

Mabuhay Laretta Houston!

bearcat648 says:

Great work!

Thornfox says:

I hate to bring race into things, but it’s nice to see a black woman succeeding in fashion photography. The fashion world seems to be dominated by middle-aged white men!

HelleRita says:

Great Laretta – nice you share :-)

unity2012 says:

Great job Laretta!

Faisal Al Saai says:

That’s really phenomenal.

jackies35 says:

Absolutely Awesome! Girl you Rock! I love you!! You are the best! Your work is awesome!!

2 day lighting I will do!
I will study lighting like never before!

brblackburn says:

Without question the best video so far. LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! I am going to go buy something for Adorama, just out of principle. GREAT.  Thanks!

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