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Want to learn how to best utilize shutter speed, ISO, and aperture for your flash photography? In this episode of “Weapons of Mass Production” Kevin and his crew show you, in an entertaining way, tips and tricks on one of the key elements of cinematography and production, lighting flash photography. In order to enter, tweet the following: “I love @BFBammo @kevinBGood #WOMP – Now give me a free LumoPro LP160 Quad Sync Manual Flash. Watch and RT to win!” and enter to win for a free LumoPro LP160 Quad Sync Manual Flash You may only enter three times a day! The Contest Big Frame (“Big Frame”) is is holding the Luma Pro Contest. The Contest begins at 12:01 AM Pacific Time (“PT”) on October 23, 2012 and ends at 11:59 PM PT on November 8, 2012 (“the Promotional Period”). No Purchase Necessary. In order to receive an entry in the Contest, a Contestant must retweet the following: I love @BFBammo @kevinBGood #WOMP – Now give me a free LumoPro LP160 Quad Sync Manual Flash. Watch and RT to win! Each entry must have a unique twitter handle. All judgments as to the validity of a contestant remain solely and irrevocably at the discretion of Big Frame. Drawing A drawing for one [1] winner will be held on or around Novermber 8, 2012 and announced on the next episode of WOMP. For complete rules go to Share on Facebook: and Twitter: Created by: Kevin Good Executive Producer and Developed by: Mike Rotman Executive Producer: Sarah Penna Executive


Aliyah Laeticia says:

Hi! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (search for it)? My work buddy James made some extraordinary pics with their photography tutorials.

furqanrauf says:

loved the pictures at the end!

WeaponsOfMassProd says:

Not really. What you’d need on the Nikon is TONS of Nikon-brand flash with their ‘High FP Sync’ mode. That mode is kinda a work-around for their crappy sync speed. And while it works great if you have Nikon camera and Nikon brand flashes for freezing action, it doesn’t help with efficiency. You’d need a whole lot more flashes to overpower the sun.

cinetier says:

Yes!!! thank you!! can’t you also achieve the look from the X100 on the nikon with ND filters ?

WeaponsOfMassProd says:


nljuba says:

wow I have watched a dozen of youtube tutorials trying to explain why shutter controls the ambient light and finally I got it!!!! 😀
ty very much

Jaysen Munsami says:

Bammo would be so much better as a network with seperate channels, most of the shows have different audiences, so why shuv them all together, 🙂 and as for WOMP, YOU PEOPLE ARE AWSM, but i wish you made regular weekly videos that i can count on 🙂

(Just trying to make the internet better than tv!)

WeaponsOfMassProd says:

Yes, we’re trying! 🙂 jankoboys6, have you seen the lens video?

WeaponsOfMassProd says:

We had a little hotshoe-to-pc-cable adapter. It worked fine.  $20 I think.

goobernutz says:

Hey Weapons of Mass Production guys, I know you like your clever little name, but in the youtube sidebar all I can see is “Weapons of Mass Production – How to” “Weapons of Mass Production – How to” “Weapons of Mass Production – How to” “Weapons of Mass Production – How to” “Weapons of Mass Production – How to” for every related video. Maybe consider changing your name to something shorter. And not so dated. Reminds me of the george w bush days. Bad times for everyone.

mrgrummus says:

Hey! What about high speed sync? Much more affordable than an X100…

goodboid says:

How the heck did you set off your external flash with the X100????

ArcanumChronicles says:

i love how they respond to people’s request.. i just saw the vid for lenses that you might have suggested..

WannaBEEfarmer says:

You guys are SO hip!
and funny to.
Keep up the excellent work

fire25251 says:


Rulerofwax24 says:

This is some of the best flash photography I have ever seen. I am an amateur photographer myself and I have only just started to try out flashes. That Hi-speed sync thing interests me a lot. Since my only camera capable of setting off flashes is my small DSLR, I need to get a flash with hi-speed sync, which means expensive canon Speedlites.

WeaponsOfMassProd says:

But then you’d need WAY more light and more expensive lights (instead of ‘dumb’ flashes) to achieve the same effect. The great thing about truly high speed sync is how simple (in terms both of fewer lights/batteries and special modes) and cheap it makes life.

ChadMcC01 says:

To use higher shutter speeds with flash, use High Speed Sync (Canon), Focal Plane Sync (Nikon), or use the Max sync speed but add a neutral density filter on the lens to dim ambient exposure.

oblivion4 says:

I. Love. This. Please make more! I would love something on large format photograph, or tilt-shit lenses in photography and video production.

Candy Rendon says:

Hey Kevin, I think you and the crew could do a phenomenal parody of “Take Shelter.” Kev looks like Michael Shannon a bit and I know you guys could get the lighting and sound down to a tee. Obviously there would be copyright issues and you guys can’t do that, so, I’ll keep the idea playing in my head for the time being. Don’t really know why i even mentioned it, but yeah. Um…Cool huh?

WeaponsOfMassProd says:

For some great recommendations, and to learn more about it check out “strobist”. (If you google it’s the first hit). He’s the king of doing a lot with “dumb” lights. i.e. lights that you just directly control the exposure of, vs. the camera-brand flashes (in your case Canon) that can give you TTL and iTTL and whatever-the-hell options that are really about having more and smarter ‘auto’ modes. A simple and cheap flash can put out great light.

FUFriendsUnited says:

Is it possible to just subscribe to WoMP? Not really interested in the other videos on this channel.

eladbari says:

hmmmm….thnx for the reply!
So, you say that besides Video – the 160LED light wont add too much here on still photography. (I bet it will do something, vs. no LED at all, but i totally understand how powerful a flash is vs. this LED.)

found a cheap amazon 50$ flash.
Hopefully (for a video guy that wants to experiment with stills)=its enough?!
Otherwise, i wouldnt really know why getting an Original Canon flash is so important?

WeaponsOfMassProd says:

The trick here is having enough light vs. the sun. We could not have done that at the slower sync. And we definitely could not do that with continuous light, even LEDs (unless you have a truckload). Think of it like this: For a tiny fraction of a second, the little flash/strobe puts out a TON of light, more than the sun. If you’re shutter is only open for that tiny fraction of a second, the light is comparatively powerful. If the shutter is open any longer, it looks comparatively weaker.

WeaponsOfMassProd says:

Yes, someone pointed that out. My bad! The Fuji achieves its fast sync via a leaf shutter, rather than electronic shutter like many other cheaper cameras.

Jason Navarrete says:

I don’t know if anyone else said this but the Fuji X100 got a Leaf shutter. Leaf Shutter can Flash sync much faster than a plane shutter, that Most All DSLR have.

genin69 says:

3:50 no Kevin, you didnt lie. It can be done, just google “Love PocketWizard, Elinchrom Ranger Quadra & Alien Bees & Profoto” a guy in South Africa figured out how to do it! but it was so worth seeing that bitch slap! love it.. I was just curious as to why why Pete did not turn into a hipster when he grabbed he the camera… hmmmm

worzelhund says:

good vid, however i noticed you guys are becoming a bit how should i put it foolish, stick to your old quality is was dope!

Lucas Kussowski says:

Thanks WOMP, very helpful. Sometimes the little things can be confusing and it is so awesome when the YouTuber gets back to you personally on the issue – a bit starstruck – HAHA!!! 🙂

bammo says:

it is not over! We are just starting! The next episode #8 will be up in 2 weeks! Tell your friends.

eladbari says:

hey, thanx for the reply!
I understand you guys. Those actionskateboarding shots should be taken with higher shutter speed. I still bet that you could still get away with high enough shutter speed (without reaching that bad-zone) and still get a sharp image. No?

Anyways! haha…as a videographer [or, as a terrible photographer :] I had this idea of using a 160 LED light panel as a replacement for flash.its probably a bad idea for many reasons (battery-wasteblinding ppl) but it might work.

WeaponsOfMassProd says:

Yeah I’m aware that my explanation is a bit simplified, but I didn’t want to get into the weeds of the tech (in fact I got the Fuji mixed up, it gets its fast sync with a leaf shutter, not electronic). I wanted to focus on: What it means for your pictures. Not shutter technology. Good lookin’ out though.

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