How to photograph Christmas lights

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Daily Herald night photo editor Patrick Kunzer details how to take the best possible photos of Christmas lights with a basic digital camera.


Vally louise says:

fantastic and very easy to follow , clear sound , great thanks xx

OwensProf says:

Thank you for the excellent information. Knowledge like this is a good example of what distinguishes someone who is a professional photographer from someone who just takes a bunch of pictures.

listentoourlights says:

Thanks, I learned some good tips from this.

justdreadest says:

WOW simple and to the point, what to do and why to do it ……glad i watched this

AHanselmann says:

Great video! I love how you go through the tips quickly and concisely. You are obviously trying to teach us something and not just hear yourself talk for 10 minutes. Thank you!! 🙂

erakala says:

very heflpful and to the point. Thank you!

8000DREAMS says:

♥♥♥Very helpful♥♥♥Thank You♥♥♥

katingaman says:

ur pro 😀

MrsVintage says:

Thank you for sharing these info..
Happy Holidays ♥

Sean Daw says:

Very smart! Thats a great way to take a picture of christmas lights.

steven1986b says:

thk you

imninja45 says:

lol i got the exact same camera

kelly4563 says:

the last picture is mad cool

kabay88 says:

Thank you so much! 🙂

Ben Kotowicz says:

Excellent! Wonderful photo tips for the season. Thank you & Best Always.

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