How To Save Money With Your Macro Photography! (Episode 1)

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This the first in a series of videos giving you tips on macro photography and the camera kit to use. Over this series, I will demonstrate how you can achieve amazing results using a whole range of camera kit, lenses and adaptors. I hope you enjoy! Karl Taylor For my FREE online photography course please visit (Not on YouTube): For advanced DSLR photography courses please visit:


brown55061 says:

If a guy travels a lot and goes on long hikes in the country, wouldn’t the telephoto macro lenses, like the Tamron, be the best all-in-one option? If I am hiking it’s often up in the mountains and an extra lens just isn’t feasible to carry around.

The503Roman says:

And one more to the list, if you reverse a lens, like physically, you’ll get a macro instead of a zoom lens. There are adapters for this.

lastSKYsamurai says:

Wow, it’s nice to see the 350D get some love in 2012, I had the 350D since early 2006, LOVED it! & I had the Macro extenders too!! Though I eventually upgraded to the 5D MK III earlier this year. I’d love to do some more Macro though…. Anyone like to spot me a lens?! haha!

ronald ferreira says:

beautiful gown the chick in the picture

themrjohnl says:

and how to save money?

michaelfmusic says:

can you post a link to these extension tubes for $120, I can’t find them! Thanks Mr. Taylor!

Ay Ya says:

AF macro or M macro extension? whats best for a nikon d7k?

martenfisher1 says:

I had a Tamron 75-300 I believe is the same as the 70-300 since that is what the exif data reports. Soft with chromatic aberation. I hated that lens. I took out the front element and mounted onto a 52mm screw on lens hood and put that on the 50mm 1.8. The macro results easily match high end macro lenses. I only paid a small amount for the 70-300 so tearing that element out did not hurt a bit.

alex white says:

You know :)… only 300 dollars.

amazinggadgets says:

Some pull said Kenko lenses gets stuck. Ever happen to you?

Roger Skagerström says:

My Panasonic LX3 has a 1 cm focus limit. Got a 600D now, but I’ll keep the LX3… No need for a macro lens 😉

Huddiethegreat says:

What camera was the large photo in the background taken with?

Sheshader says:

Umm… what happened to episode 2? I already use a 3x tubes + 50mm f1.8 for cheapo macro, but I’d be very interested in the difference in results between this and the MP-E or whatever else. Must see comparison shots! :)

HerrPluxXX says:

Epic-Macro-Combo: 2x Converter (Vivitar) and 70-210mm Canon lens! EPIC!


Great stuff man….I subscribed

elektriksheep says:

Or, instead of paying £90 for a set of extension tubes, you can get a perfectly good set of auto-focus extension tubes with connection pins (for Nikon) from ebay for about £25 including P&P. I’ve had mine for about 2 years now and they work fine.

mrquantong says:

why is the 1D mark 4 sitting there ? >”<

TakoroMisashi says:

Hey, i didn´t lend you my Canon Powershot o.o

progfan71 says:

If you use extension tubes for your macro photography, as I do, I highly recommend using a tripod to stabilize your camera.

Additionally, a macro focus slide rail is also useful as it allows you to make very fine focusing adjustments which are hard to pull off sometimes.

Bluewolf2028 says:

hi karl,can what actual extention tube brand are you using in this video?and is it the af or non auto focus kind?thing is i bought some cheap $10 non electric extention tubes and i’m waiting on them in the mail,but can i use the same techniques u do here eg focusing to the max then put in manual and move it back n forth to get the same results?or is there something else to do?also what flash do u use in the advanced digital course when your doing the macro flowers with the cord and flash in hss?

kickasssloth360 says:

ummm, you can just hold you lens backwards, it amazing!!!

Aathavan Raja says:

Is Tamron 70-300mm good? I finds it cheap and I’m a little suspicious about the price of it when it has been said it has a Macro feature. So I was wondering wherether is it worth of buying it?

GreatPhotographyTips says:

It’s not all free! We hope you also support us by also purchasing some of more advanced courses 😉

Jim Boynton says:

1:45- “…I just borrowed this camera from a friend…”
It’s OK if you still own/ use an entry level DSLR Karl. Nobody will judge you for it. 🙂
I love your videos and free courses on-line. Thank you for sharing your talent freely!

JIMMIX7 says:

Hi what are your thoughts on the Raynox 250 for macro?, it’s cheap and I find very effective,,,

Sindorai says:

I don’t stray from manual mode on my DSLRs so I figure that a macro mode is just putting a priority on aperture and possibly iso or other settings, I’d stick with manual for macro shots

kalli199 says:

would u recomend to use the macro mode on mye 550D when taking macro shots, or just use manual?

b1tTutorials says:

you can get with tubes a 2:1 Macro, do you really think that this is not very macro-ish?

Jarar14 says:

Yes, But then if is not there its not very Macro-ish, is it? 😛

Will224000 says:

Glad you got to the Macro. I am mainly here to learn more for my product photography. We have a website and upload pictures of our jewelry.

Will224000 says:

Very helpful… thank you…

tembadau says:

Karl,thanks bro,really help me a lot in macro photography

Mixedlumps says:

If you want to preserve image quality go with the tubes. If you want flexibility then the filter. Depends on which filter. The Raynox-250 is a great macro filter for most lenses.
Extension tubes will limit you. It reduces light hitting the sensor. The more stacked, the more light lost, resulting in longer shutterspeeds/high ISOs. It will do well with tripods, though unless used with flashes, really isn’t good handheld. Image quality of lens is preserved though.

Heinz Ter Voert says:

He is in England. So yes, spring

Thuglife1000 says:

Hold up! Shouldn’t it be ‘Winter is around the corner’ for you?
P.S. Appreciate the video as always.

08CJ11 says:

65mm mpe – beast of a lens

James Pinder says:

love all your vids 😀 my fujifilm hs10 is awesome for macro !!

OverC10cked says:

I really enjoy these tips (thanks!) but one of the camera angles I find really distracting – could you do something about it? (it’s the side view thing)

masquerader1000 says:

thanks a lot

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