Masters of Wedding Photography CD Duplication Ireland

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Mad Hadder says:

wtf is this called CD duplication ? They never burned any CDs

keithspillett says:

A lot of this type of photography is dependent on two things. First of all, whether the clients are up for it, and secondly, whether enough time has been allocated to it. In 38 years as a professional photographer, I can almost count the number of such occasions on the thumbs of one foot! In the UK, where I’m based, venues generally try to rush everything through as quickly as possible to suit their own ends…

keithspillett says:

Er….. why?

keithspillett says:

Don’t you mean 99% photographer and 1% wedding??

TheFroskeImperium says:

After 4:17 And now KISS!! Hahahaha

gopferdami says:

90% photographer and 10% Wedding. Did you remember the wedding? No only the Photographer…

supervf1 says:


Stephen Decato says:

The best of the best.

Brian Michael says:

Love these guys

jack johnson says:

the gay guy is good lol

Marbella Eye says:

nice video keep going

Best Wedding Dances says:

We added your video to our ‘wedding photographers’ playlist. 😀

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arjay ramicon says:

A very good video presentation,It totally shows how good wedding Photographer are and their importance when it comes to capturing the scenes in the wedding.

Pauline Simmers says:

Video presentation is good. It’s lively. Thanks for posting!

mediaTEKGroup says:

So… when does it start being a wedding and not a performance?

jun ling says:

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beatweezl says:

great vid! Got some nice ideas and inspiration!

Matt Andrew says:

chu chu baby

DevourMyself says:

Sweet! I’ve just received my free minecraft giftcode!

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Arlanvideos says:

Nice, felt very inspired after watching this video. I hope I will be a great photographer one day. 😉 Please everyone check my channel and my video that shows some of my photos.

DanmarkMaria says:

Yeh right, you are just jaloux, because he can do it that simple, and still so well!

EmilyStrangeFox says:

With the exception of being freaking hilarious

Sharrontee says:


MplsWeddingPhoto says:

That was a very fun and unique way to display the “behind the scenes” photography talent… awesome!

DanmarkMaria says:

Most of this is useless. Look at Dave Nunn’s work instead..

todoMOSTACHO says:

fuck the ninja guy

TomLockPhotography says:

A really inspirational vid.  Thank you.

jcking33 says:

i really love weddings shoots… green surroundings like golf club is also nice as a venue background.

antoniofotografia says:

amazing work!!!

Mtrebor63 says:

Whats the Strength of the Dfused Flash

Sitphotograph Zit says:

what’s name of song in Yervant section VDO

Lincoshop says:

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DeMo Younger says:

The BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lifephotodotcom says:

Your photographs are so beautiful Keep going with your videos, they are Great!

DuchessofTitanic says:

“I love photography,I always have. It’s the only thing I do well I think.”
I couldn’t agree more.

MrEdiruiz says:

wonderfull photos

Mark Garza says:

at 1:06 why are they in the middle of the street??

Ed te Pas says:

When he was shooting Leica it was film. This was up to about 2005-2006 if I remember well. After that Canon made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

kbrl10 says:
StudioCabrau, in Brazil
iLoved !!!

SunfireGTX25 says:

I like how that last guy thinks:) Take photos for yourself and if your clients love what you do, then everybody wins:)

Ed Grey says:

Probably, however Leica M8 has 2 strips on the outside of the viewfinder, top and bottom and here i couldn’t see them.
But again, it can be M8.

Adam Bernau says:

@mkoo33: that “small film camera” is probably Leica M8 ..also digital ;)

karlvorderman says:

Check out the book ‘The Home Internationals’ Soccer Tournament, 1946-1984, A Complete Record’ by the King of Trivia.

Ed Grey says:

Jeff Ascough, it’s a Canon ambasador. It is using a Canon 1DMK4 with L lenses. He like to use available natural lighting .. LOL . Now with a 1DMK4 on ISO 6400 is like my 40D on ISO 1250 so yeah.. he can afford. Don’t fall for the small film camera he was using in that church, he is on digital 😉 even more, he is one of the best wedding photographers worldwide.

TheSupasimon says:

Now go buy a olympus but in all seriousness nikon and canon

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