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or copy the link Learn the best kept secrets of photography professionals. There is nothing more satisfying for a Photographer than shooting model portfolios for aspiring models. And being a Fashion Photographer is just so glamorous! Youll discover the jealously guarded secrets of Model and Fashion Photography. This industry is open to both males and females. Surround yourself with beautiful people. Imagine telling your friends Im a Fashion Photographer.


dozerbrake says:

loool i like the way he work 😛 nice video

shadowsoulangel says:

awesome tips about Photography,i am newbie freelance Photographer,i’d really love to expand my knowledge about photography, kindly thank u so much, regards from Asia Pacific

KRSchannel says:

what lens are you using?

Jonas Lundin says:

I want one of those cameratripods.

rui vale de sousa says:

since i saw this video im trying to find one of those tripods without any luck, can someone send me a link where i can find one in europe?
thank you
thank you PhotographersAcademy

kr3w1030 says:

What was your lens Size?

ilgas11 says:

it looks like JH – 6800 AC slave flash but i could be wrong

demonclothingtv says:

Video nice video, keep up the good work.

punkitonic says:

hey does anyone know what brand his small slave flash would be and where i could get it from?

i’ve got all the gear i need as im a freelance photographer, but wouldnt mind his small slave flash as another light source alongside with my wireless flash when i shoot outdoors or on location with no power source.

bmxmyway says:

what is the name of the flash shown at 6:18 or what is it called? thanks!

maryalove2007 says:

nice vid good tips

ossie4u says:

Nice noncommercial tips and easy to follow.

bledherveins says:

Hey there, your tutorial is great! Do you know what website or where i can find the slave flash your using. i cant seem to find one that works off batteries.

Gissur33 says:

Do you know what I love about this guy? He is all about creativity. His entire focus is on the end result, not fancy studios equipment. If he only had a lighter for lighting and toilet tissue for a background, he would make it work. Sheet Metal and Chicken Wire…He’s my hero!

Ilya Gorovatsky says:

Awesome Thank you!

08009993226 says:

nice vid good tips

bargainbin says:

Good video with many points of interest.
Lovely model and great eyes I would have liked to see a smile and show those pearly teeth.

Zsombor Sándor says:

Thanks ;)

carrotstickks says:

very organised and constructive!
i’ve never seen a fashion photography shoot in action so this was really interesting.

Suzanne Boulanger says:

Thanks for the info. It was quite helpful! I don’t see anything wrong with the girl and she doesn’t look like a pig! I wish some people had better things to do with their time than to put people down.

avanti76 says:

Fuji S3PRo or S2Pro

digitalsusie says:

he has a trigger on the top of his camera, were the flash supposed to go, which is triggerd to the light.

William Lark says:

i thought you channel was cool stop over and view mine. if you wouldn`t mind subscribing to my channel i do the same and subscribe to yours.

yanniz4eva says:

does anyone know what kind of camera photographer uses to take model foto’s? please help

bluebutterfly77 says:

im also new but was also waiting for the actual shots to be shown,that would have made a parfect wrap up for the video.

itubeutude says:

ok thanks. (don’t know much about lights :/)

chieffie77 says:

You´re excused 😀 No, the light that is on is the MODELLING light, usually about 100/150 Watt. Around the modelling light is the actual flash (150 – 1000 W/s) which is triggered by the flash sender: If you look at it again you see the light is on, but when he takes his shot the flash goes off even with the modelling light on.

itubeutude says:

but isn’t the main light already on?. (excuse my ignorance, i’m new to photography).

chieffie77 says:

Exactly what you would expect it to be for: It sends an infrared signal to the flash, to trigger it to go off. It’s just a handy substitute for a cable going from camera to flash. Gives you more freedom.

itubeutude says:

what’s the purpose of the flash sender for the main light?

johnkollor says:

God when i see how i set up my first shoot i feel stupit.

pmdtran says:

That was an extremely thorough video. I can tell there was much thought into preparing it and I appreciate at every opportunity you could you injected little details about the set-up, equipment, photographer preferences, variations. Well done!

sydneypix says:

Anyone who says this is not a good training video is out of touch with people who are just beginning and wanting to know how to do simple studio set ups.

locolopelocolope says:

interesting and helpful!

enigmatico29 says:

thanks , your tutorials are great

PhotogIsaac says:

wow some people have some opinions . well i guess hes ok for amature to learn but a pro knows even if u have shakey hands the strobes will freeze action . !! and everyone has a different style , who is anyone to say you have to shoot fashion from above or below. if you want to follow that good luck 🙂 thats all.

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