Sexy Fashion Shoot in a Field of Flowers! – Karl Taylor Photography

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Get More FREE Training Videos at my website: On this shoot I show the techniques for lighting on location for some fashion and sexy model photography! See how we set the shot up, work with the existing ambient light and add my portable studio lighting to create some stunning images. I really hope you like the results and welcome your comments on this video. If you like what you see then please recommend our channel and videos to a friend! Get More FREE Training at my website:


Divyansh kumar singh says:

Buy a portable fan karl..

blkrota1 says:

That last shot is killer, Thanks for posting this vid, great work.

ImWiL003 says:

F1.8 1/125th of a second with flashes, I would predict your photos to be overexposed. I guess the ND 0.3 filter is just THAT strong!

snyggmikael says:

Topless? You mean hand covering, no breast more or less…

OneGuitarGuy says:

I didn’t think this was a very sexy shoot…untill minute 5 hit then my eyebrow raised

Lalith Kishore says:

Hat was quite a sexy shoot indeed 😀

mermaid3152 says:

Well done.. thanks

Strahlex says:

I guess its some kind of Lead-Acid battery standing next to him. But he forgot the wind machine 😉

Juan Manuel Chavez says:

The classic magnum move from zoolander, always works.

Arvind Padmanabh Shenoy says:

ha ha ha love the comments :P

badion143 says:

After I watch this tips I realize that I want to be a Photographer

Galina Shebanova says:

Great video!

Kamel419 says:

that’s exactly what happened… as soon as I thought I’d gotten all the tips I could, I nearly left the page when all of a sudden…

Terry Grancho says:

I only saw tips! :S

InstantPyrolysis says:

Really interesting video again. I mean, it’s really cool to see how you’re working and you’re clearly explaining why you set up your flashes etc like that. Really enjoyable.

Thomas Jessen says:

What brand is the ND filter? Lee Filters?

manofthehour1980 says:

they’re called batteries….they’ve been around for a while now. 😉

frankytap says:

how did you get electricity for the flashes?

jco87 says:

she’s pretty lush

Issamu Ohara says:

wowww… fantastic/

thealphabetist says:

I was just worried that she might be a bit cold

Goldmember655 says:

He was firing two strobes one with the umbrella and the other was the beauty dish like you mentioned the umbrella was filling in the dark areas to the left

hector towers says:

was he firing the 2 strobes or just the beauty dish??


I had the same question a few years ago and most of it can be done in post.
at least my small recommendation, shoot in Raw form and use to learn Lightroom.
Raw gives you the most amount of pure info which you can later tweak in post, and lightroom is a great photo program that easily lets you tweak contrast/vibrance/color correcting.. pretty much anything you need done. It is hard to learn at first but you’ll get it. Btw Karl I’ve watched your videos all morning… LOVE YOUR WORK! ~subscribed

Jeff Schade says:

Hi, really love photography and taking pictures. However my pictures never look the way I want them too. How do you get so much color and vividness in the final pictures. For instance my photo’s tend to look more like the video does, kinda dull, kinda blan, not much pop to the color. Where as your final pictures look so much better and less washed out looking than the video. Is it all the filter or Photoshop? Thanks so much! Also any other advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

worzelhund says:

how can one predict such a sunset?

IhlienworthVideo says:

could be about 32″, guess it is of the brand elinchrom, like the flashes are 😉


What’s the size of that beauty dish? 32″, 33″? And what brand is it?

Mohan Rawat says:

Excellent photos

Richard Rives says:

You really went out of your way with taking all that photography equipment and out in a field of all places.That available light was really at the right time. The girl in the white dress really played to the camera and your instructions. She looks like she was having a blast. Excellent job on this video and your portrait session.

sacredgeometry says:

Wasting all that beautiful light with the chitter chatter 🙂 Where in cornwall were you?

INS1977 says:

hmm tons of equipment … :/ need a plane to transport minimum 😀

great pict!

Gareth Barker says:

Karl what lighting system are you using ?

dvinegardens says:

Great shoot….your an amazing photographer….

johnwritzel55 says:

I like the way the light added so much to the shot good jobs

Larry Vaughn says:

girl doesn’t look happy.

diptapsp says:

X art

thelittleperfections says:

Beautiful location.Love it.

LauraDowling1988 says:

He says 85mm

Ronald Hunter says:

what lens was he using

marvin costner says:

i only learn till 6.00 ,, after that my other brain part get active

Ahmad Sharara says:

Oh! God Let me the wind in this video only

mucalai says:

well i came for the tips and i stayed for them…not everbody is completly horny all time -> get a girl (/boy).

UncleRob199 says:

No, she never showed them 😛

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