Strobist Photography: Part 6 – Turning day to night

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Learn it all at a workshop: Part 6 of a series to teach you everything you need to know to master strobist photography techniques. That Nikon Guy (Matt Granger) today shows you how to turn day into night. By using strong flash, the background is darkened to a point that it looks like night time. Assumed knowledge: Manual exposure intro: Example strobist images: https


thatnikonguy says:

haha – so sorry

katk925 says:

It took me about 20 minutes to watch this 8 minute video because I had to keep replaying things as my dogs went crazy barking at the dogs in the video…

Pezby69 says:

Thanks Matt.. Love your work..

thatnikonguy says:


nicechineseguy says:

fabulous tutorial. thanks man.

Richard Tejeda Urbansee Fotografía says:

maten a ee perro!!! que no se caya jeejeje

milo de guzman says:

this video is only for pro, i only have a nikon d5000,thats only it no more accessories aside from that… 🙁

CharlieParodier says:

The guy who speaks with you from 1:23 – 1:27 what’s he doing at 1:17 – 1:19? 😀

Antonio Rodriguez says:

250th of a second? you don´t have x-sinc problems? I with my D90 have x-sinc troubles beyond 160th.

halocritian says:

flashgun for the dog

thatnikonguy says:


paul anthony bulao says:

“like a cooking show”
haha! you’re really funny mate! 😀

ZyklonB95 says:

I don’t endorse animal cruelty, but I want to stomp that little dog to death…

Thanks for the video Matt.

loonybin1125 says:

@TheCadenbach Please, criticizing someone who is giving you a free tutorial over a small factor which was beyond their control? Explain your lack of a thought process. PLEASE

MrUptheriver says:

Nice tutorial – even a Pentax guy like me got some cool ideas here.
Thanks for that.

TheCadenbach says:

Did you seriously try to do an instructional video for youtube with a barking dog in the back ground? What part of that made sense to you? Explain your thought process.

Terrence Llanos says:

Hi Matt my name is Terry and getting in to strobe Photography and i like it SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PEACE

Warsteinerinfinity says:

Fucking dogs lol

photographerjonathan says:


photographerjonathan says:

turning day into night, can you also walk on water haha, I like how the shots looked in B&W, I thought the little audio things you through in were good, gave the video some personality, but the volume was maybe up a little to much on the garage band things compared to the voice volume, but good video, at the end the light was looking real interesting on the trees with the long shadows, I wonder if you got any pics of it ?

landofnor says:

Just got myslef a couple of Canon 600EX-RT’s and the transmitter to go with it. I’m looking forward to trying out some of your techniques, you are really inspiring. Is it fair to say Canon are ahead in the strobist game?

Henry Lawrence says:

great video. Any Ideas on turning night to day?

Stuart Vincent says:

You so NEEEED a wind blocker…ironic thing is that u have so much camera stuff but not a wind blocker…surprises me..

ian robinson says:

oh good tutorial apart from the annoying dog.

ian robinson says:

m8 that dog was doing my head in watching this video, try shooting it that will shut it up.

Donkey Kong says:

kick the dogs please

thatnikonguy says:

haha, yeah true. No, only the 900 has that issue.

devonmale69 says:

if you must put music on think it should have been “Who let the dogs out” Are all nikon flash this crap they over heat? not had it with my Canon one

thatnikonguy says:

cheers, this video is old, and my audio is improving rapidly, hope the more recent videos better for you.

Lance Cadena says:

AUDIO is 50% of the video!!!! great techniques, but this might be the worst video I have watched for the audio I have ever seen. sorry to be so critical but you must have shot next to a dog pound and the drum music was obnoxious as well as you music selection.
Very informative info tho, just wish your audio was better.

ppbbgay says:

kill that dog

dave em says:

This series is excellent.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

samelaaraujo says:

lmao – dogs barking!

vtffedsc says:

Great videos but you should find an assistant for shooting videos ! Image is shaking and hurting eyes, sound is full of wind sounds that are breaking my ears, and however your videos are nice, they looks boring because of the bad video quality !
 But by the way, thanks a lot for tutorials 😉

mikez104 says:

omg, that friggin dog!

thatnikonguy says:

it is annoying! 🙂 

marque27 says:

I love the part when you said that fcuking sb900… it made me laugh

Kittiwut Suantan says:

Nice tutorial.thanks a lot…BTW..Kill the dig please

thatnikonguy says:

get the 4 – why not. Not much more money, more power and flexibility if you need it down the track.

popscauchi says:

Hi mate,

Seen a couple of your videos, And I must say THANKS FOR THE GREAT advice, you really helped me understand light even more than I did on my own.

I have to ask I’m thinking of buying a monolight starder kit an elinchrom d-lite 2 set or 4 set, which one would you suggest.


thatnikonguy says:

@kongloud I use sanyo eneeloop. I think is from the flash head heat, not battery compartment.

Danie van Wyk says:

Nice tutorial.Thanks

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