Tutorial – How to make a HDR Timelapse Video using a Canon EOS DSLR

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visit my blog @ www.killerwal.com Short video tutorial about creating a HDR Timelapse with a Canon DSLR using – Free EOS Utility – Luminance HDR – Adobe Lightroom


ThePhilmop says:

Khaosan road, diesen sommer da gewesen 😉

+ Danke für die Anleitung!

fsmelo87 says:

How do you give the slide effect with a reguar tripid?

Leka Shmeka says:

i have a canon eos rebel xt but i’ve lost the cd how can i get the eos utility? and in my country there are no canon stores :S is there any other program such as eos utility?

bibmaz says:

just by listening to ur voice I could tell you’re german 😉

killerwalcom says:

Klar! Das geht auch mit der 500D. Die eignet sich hervorragend dafür!

Ralf Khayal says:

Danke sehr ,ich fand es sehr informativ, bin neu in solchen sachen und würde gerne sowas selber ausprobieren.Besitze eine Canon EOS 500D.Ob das auch damit geht.

Enosh Yeluchuri says:

The LOGO on the Lower Right HAnd side is too big. can u make it smaller.

parko saurus says:

love your shirt bro!
Greeting from BKK

icebird101 says:

you can use laptop with EOS Utility for normal Timelaps not HDR, as the EOS Utility software doesn’t have the optioin to shoot 3 pics as one set each time intervals !!!
it will shoot one picture each time intervals then you will find diffeculties in alighment specially if the subject is quite fast moving!!!
if you have any tricks i will you can explain :)

blackbirdflight says:

Im not sure if this works, but try to change the settings from single photo to multiple photos. (The mode you use if you want to take a series of pictures after each other)

I know my explination sucks, but bare with me, im Norwegian x)

CosmicLuminosEnergy says:

Thanks for sharing….keep up the good work mate.

davesplatz says:

Google “Triggertrap Mobile” for an iPhone version. And also check out “Photomatix Pro” for HDR batching 😉

Subverttech4 says:

I like your logo 😀

Vegard Haugland says:

I can recommend the 400plus firmware hack for the Canon EOS 400D. When the firmware is loaded on your camera, you get an additional menu where (amongst other things) you’ll be able to perform interval shooting directly from the camera.

John Flerianos says:

how would you connect the phone with the dslr? good luck on that

holleridio says:

Damn people always stealing my ideas. That’s exactly the kind of app I would have written after watching this.

pavlothebitch says:

echt scharf, Danke!

bretezprod says:

DOWNLOAD — MAGIC LANTERN. (timelapse, hdr 5 picture, Sound manual and more…
Good luck

mabcask ramnej says:

very informative video!!! but how do you the laptop as an intervalometer ?which software do you use?

tongey89 says:

fucking terminator

Malcom Petrus says:

Awesome MICROPHONE in the world!!

TheSensorFTW says:

same problem

Reed Jim says:

Danke sehr! 

David Harvey says:


Thanh Phạm says:

Just install CHDK, lul it has the count down auto shoot thing and HDR thing too 😀
Im using it for my power shot
Canon cameras only

mitsubishidiamante says:

not bad

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