Wedding Photography Posing, Doug Gordon Flow Posing

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Enjoy this short flow posing demo.


THOMAS1945STO says:

Thanks Doug !! Very usefull when my son is getting married next Wednesday in Stockholm, Sweden.

carrN Alberta says:

brilliant !!

mjdeibert says:

Thanks, Doug – this is a very informative and useful video!

Heman Efendi says:

Hey there, do you know “Photo SFXart Tricks” (google it)? On their website you can watch a great free video showing how to make brilliant photos. It made it easier for Matt to shoot pictures which leave you with that wow-effect whenever you look at them. It may work for you as well…

Ogunwa Gboyega says:

nikon d3000 wt55mm lens

golightlyproject says:

what type of lens did you use for the close ups?

mingtooter says:

Tom Green looks a happy groom 😛

ohnoes300c says:

Brought my first camera 1 month ago Canon 5D M3 and Im real picky with how friends are posing when I shoot. They get annoyed. But when they see the photos they are so happy and glad i made the effort. One girl I took a photo of had no good photos of herself and I got her posing with light from a lamp post & reflector & her friends n fam were amazed. I love bringing the beauty I see in people out in a pic and so happy Doug posted a vid that shows even more posing techniques. Thank you Doug.

nfal445 says:

I like the video there are some great tips! But are the snaps supposed to be a Pavlov experiment?

Miguel Gonzalez says:


Ron Greer says:

mama mia, that’s a lota (great) information in a very short time. Watching you on CL right now, great stuff

rpgvalentine1981 says:

you want to see real posing tips , check out Roberto Valenzuela.

NkeilGamingPC says:

“not my hands you little freak”. best quote 🙂

GurjPanesar says:

jesus, that was amazing….think I’ll have to watch it a hundred times to get used to it…well done and thanks…

Anthony Louis says:

What a great informative vid. I wish there was a Love button! you deserve it!! Bravo!

Casper Dawson says:

So very helpful. Thank you very much. Keep them coming. Soaking these all up! 😉

Benedict Fernando says:

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EnshongMiranda says:

We’re not done yet!! Awesome tips. :))

mrjames1555 says:

thanks much ,i think you are very good at what you do .

Doug Gordon says:

Same prinicpal, Just make exposure adjustments depending on how dar or light they are. If it is a light skin person of color exposure compensate -1/3 of a stop, mid tone 2/3 a stop and of course very dark(wesley Snipes) 1 full stop. You are telling the camera the situation is not as dark as it thinks

mrjames1555 says:

hey DOUG,question man what about folks of color? in monochrome good ,ok or jus color?

kthurai2 says:

Great video, I am newbie to photography. Great tips. Thank you.

evromsd says:

You are an incredible person Gordon. I sometimes get a little bored with my photography and people like you who are generous with information and time inspire me to continue shooting. Thank you very much.

rezjrprod says:

what do you think of Mraw shooting for weddings?

Best Wedding Dances says:

Hi Doug,

We added your video to our ‘wedding photographers’ playlist. 😀

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BX0207 says:

Outstanding..Thank you for this.. I just love how no frills you are..and how the models are like barbie dolls – minus that cracking joint sound lolo… Thanks again

rezjrprod says:

Dude..amazing…straight and to the point no walla walla talk crap just exactly what people need..this will help with my speed at weddings thanks bud

rezjrprod says:

not my hand ya little freak ROFL!!

TheRobAlbion says:

You appear to have great light in this video, what do you do if there is little available light? How do you deal with flash? What ISO are you using?

I really enjoyed your video and am keen to take on board your fantastic ideas

TheRobAlbion says:

Absolutely Fantastic!

What lens are you using?

peter tapia says:

great video and great poses

2FoG2 says:

epically great vid well done matey now go get doing twenty instant lighting techniques ermmm twenty groups hots and i am sorted cheers muchly

Mike Scott says:

This lesson is like gold for any wedding/portrait photographer, fifty poses in fifteen minutes wow.
Thanks Doug.

Iwan Owen says:

what lens do you typically use ? I have a 24-105 which is my go to lens, but also have a 60mm Macro which I think would do a good job for many of these

MrGeminis1969 says:

Gracias Doug Gordon por tus clases.

46ace says:

Wow.. Can’t thank you enough…

Doug Gordon says:

Thanks for the nice words everyone, just so you know, we are actually running our biggest sale ever for charity. Two great causes. We are giving 50% off at our website on any product we have . Use the code Anniversary at our website doug gordon workshops

buddy guevarra says:

Whewww!!!awesome video….

Eddy Forero says:

This is my seventh time watching this!!!!, gotta memorize them all.

arjay ramicon says:

Thank you for a really good post about Photography.It really shows how skillful Wedding photographers are.The style and the way they shoot really are awesome.

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