Weekend Project: Macro Photography on a Budget

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Pringles-can lens extender produces dazzling ultra close-ups for peanuts. Get the PDF for this project here: blog.makezine.com More great projects at: www.makezine.com


Borgdatanode says:

Hi guys!

Want to do take cool photos without leaving your desk? Then check out my new blog! You won’t be dissapointed, I promise.


Hoang Minh Vuong says:

get the kit-len, reverse it, hold it attached to the camera -> you have a macro lens 🙂

basem farid says:

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mashersmasher says:

oh you can also get a macro tube for $6 on ebay

mashersmasher says:

You can also use a cheep metal adapter which is allot better for this

manu99scarinci says:

Tini tiny

BootedAlien says:

camera surpressor

bluuone says:

Dude.. me too, Kip is like MacGyver.

moeterbank says:

so ein schrott, das ist doch die arbeit nicht wert!!!

Long Lee says:

…………buying a bellow and adapter will actually give better effect…..and they are not that (well) more expensive and we will have more control over magnification

Trevor Crawford says:

I have watched every single video that he has made but haven’t done a single thing…

ronald ferreira says:

very ugly you need wd40 to remove the poison it works

ronald ferreira says:

can also use a micro scope or magnifire that works 2

drider2010 says:

It is better buying macro extension tubes for about $15

Jayson Carey says:

if you make it shorter, the lens can be right side out.

trockcrazy says:

Exactly what i thought, KipKay, it scared me at first.

usukker says:

arent you the guy who used to hack electronics? lol

karduxas says:

Eating the same Pringles now……………

VisualWarfareBros says:


NuMetal92 says:

before you ruin any other lenses please consider extension tubes and macro filters. Your results will be of much greater quality and it is far more mobile and usable outside than this massive tube.

dazipro says:

Don’t forget the bug poison! You’ll have a hard time focusing with those little critters running around (:

scampifingers says:

sound like bert and ernie

GranazJeller says:


Lee Murray says:

Thank you soooo much!! I just got a canon rebel T3i, but only the kit lens, and I was wanting to do macro photography, but my parents wouldn’t by me a macro lens because they just spent almost $1,000 on my camera. I tried the pringles idea and it actually worked! Thank you soo much!!!

zoiphotographer says:

interesting just in case can be useful

jet528559 says:

MicroScope much?

M3ss3ng3r22AtTheSac says:

Ok hero name a hand full of thing this man or that magazine that actually work it’s all a waste of time… lol look up the IR goggle’s what a joke an FYI if anyone makes them you’ll probably have decent eye damage but your right I’m a troll haha jump off this guys sac. Now that we’re all here what do we do? I’d walk away because your just a internet hero trying for likes no ones with you… facts..

nabin thapa says:

Hey, do you know “Photo SFXart Tricks” (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you will find a nice free video featuring the best way to create impressive photographs. It made it possible for Daniel to make pictures that leave you with a wow-effect when you look at them. Hopefully it helps you also…

froochie123 says:

and you’re a troll. Now that we’re all here what do we do?

M3ss3ng3r22AtTheSac says:

this guy is a fake d bag..

Robert LeBlanc says:

I never did see any shots in your video of “nice crisp focus”. I prefer my cheap yet effective extension tubes.

OwningGeezer says:

Looks like a giant pain in the ass. Who wants to go that small anyway?

1travis2 says:

or you could buy a reverse ring

NathanLoganVideos says:

Back when kipkay was awesome.. :/

DearestBow says:

2:39 thats what she said

cp10111 says:

Where can you get a Nikon reversal ring for $2? Mine was like 30…

siapaajabisa says:

I thought he is Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater.

minecrafterman2334 says:

make a fisheye tutorial

kristoferdeleon says:


kristoferdeleon says:

tools more expensive than the lens.

Emily Wolf says:

hahaha i know right? what a fucking retard lol

Akinto710 says:

This is stupid as f*ck… This is baaaad, just reverse the lens. You can buy a reverse ring so it mounts for 2 dollars.. Or hell, even use tape or hold the lens in your hand.

Muhammad Nitrous says:

with all respect are you serious?! macro tube cost 4$ and you talk about stuff that may cost you way more than this even body cap cost more than 4$ ! and even if you have all the sources it still cost alot especially about the cap plus it may let dust go in and not safe position to the lens in addition to sometimes u need the focus ring when u don’t want or cant move but you can get the tube for 4 or HQ for 9$ with safe lock so no dust n way more safer .so dude,.. wat r u talking about here ?!!

Ravi Pandey says:

better get raynox dcr-250.cheapest for macro photography. 

AZNFlipy12 says:

you can just reverse the lens…

Mẫn Trần says:

this works like the extender?

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