17 People All DSLR Video Beginners Should be Following

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Pred from Asgard says:


SmearStar says:

damn bro I found you! Hahaha

Christoffgonewild says:

Dave, I think you should have included yourself on this list, you’ve been an amazing insight into everything related to DSLR Video for me. Cheers for that.

SHARKYGT11 says:

Hi Dave. I have been learning a lot from you and Michaelthementor. Great list! Just purchased Luke Neumann’s color grading pack for Sony Vegas 2 days ago. Thanks for your videos and keep up the great work.

Viscountsky1961 says:

I’ve learned a lot from Final Cut King.

TravisHarrisFoto says:

First time poster here on your videos, you are definitely up there on my list. You have a certain genuine feel that comes through your videos, and a wide array of topics that you hit upon. As for others, I think Indy Mogul should def be on the list. I’ve been following them off and on for the last 4 years…they run the gambit on anything and everything diy film-making…and now more so into DSLR’s, since that’s the mainstream technology of the scene.

HaloUnion says:

I love Richard Harrington, Carl Olsen, Tom Antos, Freddie Wong, and of course Andrew Kramer. But I would add that Dave Dugdale guy to the list 🙂

Omar Hasan says:

Hi dave i think you should see Digitalrev tv

Pred from Asgard says:


Iz Costales says:

Hey Dave! I’m not sure if you saw my post yet, but you should check out Devin Graham.

Hind135 says:

very helpful.  love ur videos!

MSFireWolf says:

Indy Mogul 🙂

xtg360 says:

awesome post ! will check out these people.

javierchaconm says:

Yeah, because Pimp My Horse is a great story. Nah just kidding I love Freddy.

Allen Ante says:

can you follow yourself? 🙂

Allen Ante says:

Perfect vid! thanks :3

Fediaization says:

DslrFilmNoobs. I can’t say what’s his field – maybe technikal? – but he does pretty good show

Fediaization says:

Dave, I’m following you already 😉

asge1059 says:

Film Riot FTW!

Ryan Rakowski says:

You should check out Patrick Boivin. He creates amazing animations/stop motions with the 7D and usually has breakdowns of most of his videos. Definitely someone worth looking up.

Crazeski says:

Love the youtube videos, they are always informative and love the way he gives props to others. Big thank you from UK.

WedshankProductions says:

film riot FTW!!!!!!

ThePhantom905 says:

#2 is the Best 😛

Kneggebrot05 says:

drtv is more stills stuff so i guess dave left them on purpose

NYsalsa101 says:

Wong Fu Productions

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