Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Merge to HDR Pro

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In this tutorial, AJ covers the changes made to the Merge to HDR command from Photoshop CS4 to CS5. Share this video, Tweet to your friends: Join My Facebook Community: Follow @aj_wood on Twitter: Hangout on Google+ Nation Association of Photoshop Professionals NAPP Wants YOU! Use Promo Code “ajwood” for $10 Discount & Free DVD Get the iPhone app: Adobe Training by


ThePixelGangster says:

Look here for MORE HDR TUTORIAL !! Hier gibt es weitere Tutorials!! Hier mein neuestes HDR Tutorial:
/watch?v=Et5-wO767Xo ☻♥☺☺☺☻☻♥

shobin05 says:

your beard….is….hideously awesome

raymond9339 says:

great video ~!!!

mazenia1 says:

I tried doing this but photoshop cs5 won’t let me save my picture. How do I correct this.

lusiphersbooks says:

There’s more than one way to do this and your way is the best that I’ve found. Thanks.

benjaminniemczyk says:

One of the best tutorials out there, thanks much. Ben

AFVMasters says:


MSipmaFotografie says:

When i press OK, Photoshop is loading tot make it HDR. But when it close Merge to HDR Pro, than it has to be an .JPG or something. But my .JPG is total black. What’s go wrong?

ajwood2001 says:

MrSubielove – there are many great choices out there, including new smaller mirrorless DSLRs. Things I would consider: What type of photography are you interested in? Do you need lots of lens choices? Do you need speed, e.g., sports photography or large print capabilities, e.g., landscape photography? Do you want to shoot video with your DSLR? Do you travel a lot? What’s your budget? Both Canon & Nikon make great entry-level DSLRs. I would also consider the new mirrorless series.

Brolitz Litz says:

AJ, what kind of DSLR camera would you recommend for a beginner?

Konner Dudley says:

Yes I have this issue as well… what does EV mean?

Konner Dudley says:

Thanks so much! This is the great tutorial I’ve been looking for!

Kenahn Ghazal says:


NearlyThereNZ says:

thank you :-)

mazen42007 says:

Thnx alot

Ren Aniag says:

every time i merge it to HDR pro it’s always ask me to manually set EV.. what is that? pls help me on this.

jrproductie says:

you say “Hey” about 86 times!,… why? lol

sibigaboy says:

Thanks a lot for the help, really helped me with a project.

KiranGlitch says:

Can you do this when the photos are slightly displaced from one another?

domeee11 says:

hi thank you for the tut… I DIDNT know that PSCS can do HDR besides photomatix or 3rd party software.. thanks again

Khaalid Wilson says:

Is there anyway you can do this for gifs?

Pablo San Roman says:

hey man the thing is that i dont know how to get my images on the icon MB? 🙁

mdoyledesigns says:

Great Job!!! Thanks for all your help!!

harveyfenellere says:

sir A.J i havent seen you using hdr tonign what happen??? is that it?? no hdr toning?

tommyzDad says:

Thanks, A.J.

Julie Jones says:

Great information! I had no idea how to process HDR in Photoshop. I definitely like the ease of having in PS5.

melkiejosh says:

hello.. I’d like to save the file into hdr format but when I tried to save no hdr format appeared.. only jpeg, tif, png, etc.. I want hdr format for my image based lighting for maya 2012.. thanks a lot.. more power..:)

Troy Tackett says:

hi there if i do HDR with a model does she need to be in all 3 photos thanks

restacki says:

this was helpful…tnx

Shinzou Sama says:

AJ, you got a mighty fine beard. I just wanted to say that before I resumed watching your tutorial.

NoddyFish says:

0:07 great beginning;) big smile^^

NoddyFish says:

0:7 great beginning;) big smile^^

ajwood2001 says:

– OK. I’ll keep an eye out, and we’ll get to the heart of the issue.

JAGcreation says:

Hi, I will make a video showing you what i mean. Thanks for the help AJ.

ajwood2001 says:

– when you say the photo disappears, does Photoshop crash or are you seeing an error message? Have you tried searching for images shortly after running the merge function? The image might be on your hard drive and it didn’t stay open in PS.

JAGcreation says:

Hi can anyone help me? This is my question:

I’ve been trying to do HDR , but I really don’t know why Photoshop CS5 doesn’t let me use Raw File. Every time i try to merge the 3 Raw pictures to HDR, Photoshop does the work of merging them but when it finalizes they disappear from Photoshop. The only photos Photoshop lets me merge to HDR are the JPG files. Thanks for the help!!!

RonaPerl23 says:

Thanks man! that was very helpful!

Shwah Kram says:

very simple explanation had my first hdr attempt done in minutes, thank you.

Terri Lynn says:

i love your video… i just got this program you are awesome teacher still alot to learn is there an email to ask question i have alot maybe you can use them has another video… :0) your voice is awesome and perfect for teaching.. i watch it over an over an still learn more each time.. do you have any other video that teaches the same program on hdr..??

kenfagerdotcom says:

I’m going to give this a shot this weekend. Great tutorial video. 

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