Behind-The-Scenes Fashion Photography Tutorial Canon 5dmkii 7d 580exii Speelites-Light2Darkness

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This is the first of many videos that KreativeVueTV will be producing to give you access to what takes place Behind-the-Scenes when setting up a photo shoot. I’ve received many requests on how to set up photo shoots using 1 speedlite to several speedlites. Also a number of you are moving into portrait and fashion photography, so these series of videos will help you produce your own shoots and help you setup your lighting. Also included in these videos are industry leading tips and advice from makeup and fashion. So all you makeup artist that are moving into this industry, you’ll find this information to be quite useful. Please leave your comments and feedback, as we want to produce more relevant content that will help you become more skilled in photography and video. KreativeTech http Andrea Mendoza from MakeupByAndy Facebook: Twitter: Website: YouTube: Tiffany and Demetria from Someday2Runway Facebook: Twitter: Website: Specials Thanks to Bel Air Camera and Video for sponsoring this video. Website Facebook Twitter: Big Shout out to Gus Harper from Gus Harper Studios for letting us shoot in his studio with his awesome paintings. Website: YouTube Facebook: Special Thanks to David Thulin from 3


FotosbyFranco says:

Thank you for sharing this, it is very inspiring and helpful. I need to remember how you used selective composition. Well done. I can’t wait to see more of your work.

Briana Del says:

Afternoon! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My cooworker Allen made some awesome pics with their video lessons.

MiSsDeHrAb says:

love your shots .. and your edit in photoshop was awesome

Raymond Cooper says:

Thank u for this video.

Charlotteraz says:

love love the video as I am an aspiring photographer. I love the fact that you showed us a diagram of your studio lighting, camera and model layout. I’m still learning how to take good lighting studio pics. I have one question though, the studio I normally use has a fluroscent light bulb, so whenever I try to take white background pictures they sometimes come out yellow orangish. do you know what canon settings I can use to achieve a great white balance colour looking picture? I have a 500d

floex831 says:

Great stuff, however, since you aim your tutorial, tips and tricks for beginers primarily, can you do a strobe light video. Flashes with umbrellas are great but expensive, a comparable/starter 600ws strobe system can cost as little as $500. Can you please explain watt seconds. Thank you, keep up the good work.

unclestuntman says:

The two on the right has to be sisters!

theaustraliankidd says:

She’s gorgeous.

cristopher daquil says:

Hi shawn! after i watch this video i just went out and shot(Portrait) of my wife with my new 50mm f/1.8 ll and within in 2 hours i was asked to photograph someones daughter 18th birthday for some money, im a bit scared….. love your vids hopefully ill become pro photographer some day…

David Gomez says:

Dude… you couldn’t be more LA if tried.

KreativeVueTV says:

No, no…thank you!

KreativeVueTV says:

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback and watching the video. All the best to you!

BrendenJohnPhoto says:

I like your video format here. It was a nicely made video. I thought it was great you mentioned how important the type of makeup and fabric materials makes a difference on how the camera “see” it. So many don’t realize this. Keep up the good work.

mikeoreo1 says:

Well done. Kudos to all involved.


Very informing !keep em coming!

007onlytaller says:

Subscribed! Thak you.

zalo813 says:

Tight! I learned something! :DDD

KreativeVueTV says:

This is a team effort and these girls work very hard, so they most definitely deserve the face time and recognition. Please let us know if you would like to see certain things in future vids. Thanks for watching!

KreativeVueTV says:

Thank you for watching my friend!

KreativeVueTV says:

No, no…thank you for watching! In my book…you’re the best!

KreativeVueTV says:

Thank you for watching, I really appreciate the support. We’re on a mission to produce more of these videos for you. Please share, retweet and all those good things if you have time. Thanks again!

Heartkwt says:

Cool job, you just changed my opinion of Umbrella VS Softbox.

And, yeah, great team you are working with. My thanks to you AND your Hardworking great team.

KreativeVueTV says:

Haha…I’ll be sure to let her know that! Thanks for watching, really appreciate it!

KreativeVueTV says:

I appreciate the support, hope you picked up a few tips!

OakedMusic says:

she’s fine tho

pixelvuetv says:

Thank God you took the time to show how fashion shoots are done! It is stupid that other photogs wont share how things like this are done!! You should make a series out of this subject cuz I would be watching them so many times that it would probably even make YOU sick!!!

TheTechnoland says:

Alright!! Great Vids!

ptlofts says:

Finally someone that let their assistants talk about their work for the shoot. Thanks.

KreativeVueTV says:

New AWESOME giveaways coming REAL soon…thanks for your patience!

TheTechnoland says:

No more giveaways 🙁 ?

Kennykid2002 says:

Great video.
Love how you display how all your lighting is setup, great tips.
Keep up the good work

Project4D says:

thanx for the tips man! really helpful :)

pkbreeze08 says:

Tiffany looks like Jessica Szohr
Thanks for the tips Shawn, some good things to keep in mind when shooting.

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