Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 31: Macro Basics

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In this episode Mark will show us how to take those up close photos! Macro photography provides unique opportunities to produce creative and dramatic photos and Mark shows us a couple examples.


Anwar TheObscure says:

That was really helpful and great.Thank you! 🙂

frankieskaterdude says:

hey i saw a picture online, it was like someone took a picture while it was raining or something and you could see circles of different color
i dont know how to explain it very well but if you do can you show me how?

Super9112008 says:

Hi Mark, I saw some photos in magazines that it is focused too much on the eyes of ant, how to focus more on a part of an insect?
Do you have Episode on reversing lens? and is it effective as using macro lens? thanks

donMaranzano says:

I watched it was very strange to me. First what kind of lens you’re using? Second the MTF of the most expensive lens recommend using aperture not more than f11, otherwise you’re loosing the quality. So how you recommend using f16? This is ridiculous.

gaurav77225 says:

Sir , How does the ISO effect the grain and noise of the micro photograpghy..

Leonardo Abreu says:

AI Servo, anyone?

peterbrv80 says:

how many ants were killed during this tutorial?))))))))))))))

cii1072 says:

Mark, What is the tripod, ball-head, etc. that you are using? Also, is the arm on this tripod an extra add-on. I really like the way that you were able to adjust the setup to get so close. If there are other similar makes/models that have the same features, please recommend. Thanks

terenas1986 says:

what a nice rusty bolt! :)))

forPhotographers says:

Mark great videos! Thanks for sharing

loncify says:

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cardiacade says:

Really enjoy your vids. It’s a shame no-one ever mentions mono-pods; tri-pods are a pain if you’re out and about and don’t want the hassle of extending legs etc (plus many insects will have vanished by the time it’s ready). I’ve found that the Manfrotto 685b monopod is great for macro (just pull up to extend and hold down a trigger to decrease height, easy and quick and very light) coupled with my non L Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro usm (nope, I.S isnt reallty a necessity!) produces great results.

gullbuttqasim says:

love ur experties…..keep making videos and help us…

Germano Junior says:

great, tks

eyal yossef says:


eyal yossef says:

nice buy too expensive for me…

Alsmairy says:

الف شكر

Sam Fakhoury says:

– Thank you!

Sam Fakhoury says:

thanks mate, that helped!

yeatzee7786 says:

– Im not adorama but I am a macro photographer. The difference is how close the lenses will focus. True modern macro lenses can focus down to 1:1 while some older ones will only go to 1:2. Also the F-stop is probably different, F/4 for the macro and F/2.8 for the normal telephoto assuming its modern lenses your talking about.

darkraiden23 says:

macro lenses usually have a closer focusing distance than a normal/ telephoto lens and usually they are sharper than a normal lens

Sam Fakhoury says:

Hi, I would like to ask, what is the difference between a 200mm telephoto lens and a 200mm Macro lens. If both are 200mm lenses, how come one is telephoto and one is Macro ?


Shimon Machida says:

is there a macro flash for Nikon 60mm Micro f/2.8D?

Rami Paykin says:

try looking on ebayamazon..

but all together approx –
normal camera – 1000-2000$
100mm lens – 1200$
flash – 300-500$
good tripod + Head (ball or gear) - 500$
remote – 50$ i guess..

try calculator =]]

Rami Paykin says:

it will be great if some one would answer to Gershqui..
I think it is manfrotto 055xprob
and he use a Ball Head..

but the Geared Head is better for adjustment I guess.. (manfrotto 410 junior)

Gershqui says:

What kind of Tripod your using there and ball head? Thanks.

xia0chipmunk says:

orionmystery [dot] blogspot [dot] com/2009/03/my-macro-rig-then-and-now.html
I rather have a nice diffused lighting and giving up a few shots due to obstacles than flat lighting and have lots of OK shots.

fhqwghads says:

I don’t see how a diffuser can overcome the physical obstacle of the lens being in the way when you’re only a few inches from the subject.

xia0chipmunk says:

Actually it is possible to use a built in flash or hot shoe flash. You just need a good diffuser that can’t be bought. DiY time. =)

Minh Nguyen says:

Hi Mark, my name is Minh. This question is not related to macro but I think you wouldn’t to help me out. Recently I just read a few article said that there is quite serious risk to burn the sensor if you are pointing the camera at the sun since the glass will magnify the heat of sun beam. I want to know is it true? is it that easy to burn the sensor? Thanks

michaelchimera says:

Image stabilization works against you while on tripod…Best to turn it off.

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