Fashion shoot- Bombay Beach – Emily Soto Photography

or copy the link PS Actions available at http Bombay Beach Fashion Shoot Photographer: Emily Soto Model: Ashley Anderson, Breanna Legg, Genesis Canal, Melisa Stewart Makeup & Hair: Andrea Barrantes Digital Image Editing & Video: Emily Soto


contactsurajlama says:

Do you use light meter for outdoor shoot?

andrew ward says:

What level of nd filter do you use?

Grey Station says:

really like the pictures… nice

buda baap says:

Hello there, are you familiar with “Photo SFXart Tricks” (just google it)? There you will find a good free video showing the way to shoot awesome pictures. This made it easier for Daniel to shoot pictures that leave you with that jaw-dropping-effect when you take a look at them. Hopefully it works for you too…

B2LPhoto says:

Hi Emily! What type of Beauty Dish is that?! The one on the Paul C Buff site currently doesnt look that cool….Is that a special dish?

nightdrifterable says:

anyone knows the name of the song? 😀

oceandrew says:

No black line…. ambient is still bright enough to expose that portion of the sensor covered by the second curtain when the strobe fires and it will match the rest of the background.

oceandrew says:

High speed sync applies to speedlights not strobes.

Also you don’t need high speed sync when you’re only using flash for fill. The ambient’s pretty bright here and being knocked down uniformly with ND filter and faster shutter speed so the second curtain “shadow” not exposed by flash will match the background and could easily be cropped in post if you want the flashed area to reach the edge of the frame.

JayFryMedia says:

great shots! is that an Alien Bee strobe? if so which one?

Kj Misael David says:

what camera do you use?

Kj Misael David says:

amazing job on the photos!!

Kj Misael David says:

Im pretty sure her shutter speed is much higher than 1/125th/s because of the background being underexpose, and the its the flash job is to fill the rest of the exposure for a dramatic look. shes using high speed sync function on her flash, its mean it sync the shutter speed with your flash so no black line issues.

124moviesiwatch says:

If your camera has a functional hot shoe you can use Pocket Wizards.

124moviesiwatch says:

It’s all about the the flash to ambient light ratio. More flash ouput will darken the sky.

King Ian David says:

What is your shutter speed stting?is it more than 125th/s,if you do?dont you get the back line issue?

MsCarlosAlexandre says:

How did you expose the background ??? You shot in bright day light and the result is awesome….your shutter was very fast or there are a lot of post …for example, the shot at 0:38

I loved it …and the blond model too ^^

maygofirstimpression says:

amazing footage . i am looking for new lighting kit .. this helps me a lot . great job .

shhhramon says:

i cant find that round reflector/dish. where can i find that and what is it called?

Yuri Rodrigues says:

About what time of the day was this photo shoot or whats the best time in the day to do a photoshoot outdoors to get a sky like that ?

Md Lalim says:

Hello there, do you know “PhotoSFXart” (just google it)? There you can watch a good free video showing the right way to make brilliant photographs. This made it easier for Matt to take pictures that have a wow-effect after you take a look at them. It might help you out also…

SuperDanbrady says:

Put the camera in manual mode, then as Emily said, use a pocketwizard to trigger the flash.

jun ling says:

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yurithebest1 says:

Hi there, have you considered “MagicSFXphoto” (just google it)? There you will find a useful free video explaining the way to take better photographs. It helped Daniel to make photos which leave you with a wow-effect when you take a look at them. Perhaps it will help you too.

toneaddict says:

Hi Emily. Did u use cto for the light?

slapking12 says:

she used the Mola Setti on this one by the looks of it…….

JimEphin says:

what a lovely photo. i like it! big fan of you

NKHAT1 says:

can i use Pocket Wizards on my canon 550D

aieizad yom says:

love ur works emily!really amazing!

rezjrprod says:

Im glad Im not the only one that chimps!!! good work 🙂

Matthew C says:

Hi Emily, do you use the paul c buff beauty dish?

RattuTV says:

how do I go about connecting the mola setti dish to my ab1600? not very good with mechanics

grabedigger says:

From photographer to photographer, you have an AMAZING work there! This is true professionalism, making models look good instead of street hookers. Sorry for my language, but i like to say things as they are suposed to be said.
Keep your amazing work, and that beauty dish is a beast!

SilvanoTelevision says:

Hello what filter you use, you use ND filter, PL filter or CPL filter

SilvanoTelevision says:

Hi what lens you use for this photos, are you use the fix lens, tele lens, zoom lens, or wide lens.

Mike Tarsitano says:

if you use Radio Poppers Studio RX you can adjust the alien bee output from the transmitter.

Kyle Yunker says:

What brand of PL, ND filters are you using and what Lens? You have some amazing work!!!

Shamas Chaudhry says:

amaaaazing! what kind of post work are you doing on the photos? I love the deep yet kind of unsaturated colors and the amazing detail in the environment!

Emily Soto says:


Emily Soto says:

I use Pocket Wizards to trigger my Alien Bees and no I can’t adjust the power via the camera.

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