Lok C Top Tips: How to record awesome videos on a DSLR Part 2

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Here you go! Lok’s sequel to the Top Tips video he did two years ago when Kai was camping in Heathrow airport. Now that Kai is on holiday again, Lok has decided to do another video and answer some of the most asked questions on his Facebook page. Warning: if you are looking for a video with accidents, spilled Earl Grey tea, dropped cameras, things catching fire, you might want to wait until the presenter is back from his holiday.


DusPPhotography says:

Thanks for this. Really helpful. Hope you continue these tips.

blueskiesredsunsets says:

Super duper.

TOM C says:

great information. kai should go on vacation more often.

md nur says:

thanks dude!

Uriel Karim Gómez Hernández says:

you guys should do more videos like this one 🙂

Miika Venäläinen says:

Background “noise” / ambient sound is not a bad thing. I often wish I could hear what’s going on in the busy streets of Hongkong in DRTV videos.

Miika Venäläinen says:

That’s why you should get Magic Lantern software for your Canon EOS.

Drew Cropp says:

loc’s videos are ok good

Alex Foster says:

we need more lok videos! Review the canon c100 PLZ!

iPohHoFeN says:

why dont make a series of video on how to make video like a pro? Lok

comteq says:

the cat is cute.

PerfectCode11 says:

Yes, what are you using to record audio?

Torg102 says:

What audio recorder do you use?

jmacwan1 says:

That’s excellent lok thank you !

kookkevin says:

one day i hope to be as good as lok

Daniel Santos says:

Very helpful thank you so much lok!

avatinio says:

Kai, take another holiday, you deserve it!

avatinio says:

More pls!

ddmeowmix says:

can u please tell me the setup you usually use in the videos

MrTruePanda says:

I really learn alot.

minoritijs says:

See you subscribe. Damn I love Lok.

BTechTalk says:

Canon camera and Nikon strap 😀 4:40

souljaboytellem619 says:

I’ve never learned soo much in 7 minutes, thank you Lok :))

CamJvideo says:

0:17 Soooo.. this time.. why don’t i do it again… about… WE do Shitting

i23intheplace2b says:

fine weedeo.

ExpertMacintosh says:

More Lok, please.

Jonathan Vander Veen says:


happyeggs911 says:

a lot, a little bit, something, happy holidays!!!

moonimim says:

have a look at this video watch?v=nuNubvOabsc pretty sure they mention something about wireless mics

yeabuddy80 says:

Canon with a Nikon strap . Swag

felobazo24 says:

does someone know which mic is that?

Jacob Nz. says:

sooooo usefull! love digital rev!

petercourt says:

Are you trolling? Or just being an intolerant ass?

Andreas Martin says:

I think I missed that episode. Yeah the wireless systems are expensive… 500 bucks minimum. Lok would you please share which system you use? – you guys rock!

oMkRnRTz says:

In one of their videos they said what it is. (It was very expensive btw.)

JamieJWilkins says:

Wery wery nice wideo

JamieJWilkins says:

This guys a retard X_X weally nice wideo

tttmmmnnnttt says:

MORE LOK!!!!!!!

HugzTiem says:

“Weeee-deo” It’s sooooo cute when he says video xD

Mark1Mach2 says:

Good job!

Jason Rushing says:

I learned something

G1tarHero says:

Any idea what microphone system use to make this video?

SpendinThatCash says:

Lok is the fuckin man.

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