Epi 23 – Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop Tips Lightroom 4 Retouching Snow by night photo

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You can get the my entire training at www.photoserge.com and get the raw files and see all my Podcast at www.photoserge.com In this week episode we will retouch a photo I took last week in the french Alpes of a chalet at night. This week inspiration is Erik Almas : www.erikalmas.com You can find his DVD here : acuities.erikalmas.com


jerseyman9080 says:

Awesome Tutorial as always.. I always learn a lot from you. Thank you to taking your time to make vide for us.. Could you please help me to figure out something. How to open photo in PS after edit in Lr and then after edit in PS bring it back to Lr.
Thanks in advance. And happy Holidays.

maximus3ae says:

Hoping for a white Christmas!

Rico Langer says:

Serge absolutely great… I am glad that I found your Tutorials…. I can’t wait every week til the next comes. You show how to make simple a difference. 😉

Marc Voogt says:

I’ll definitely make some pictures of snow on vacation, would you recommend a waterproof camera seal for like snowy conditions?

ckboy221 says:

Another great video. Learned a ton! Great job Serge.

Juanita M says:

Another great tutorial, thank you 🙂

Tao K says:

Just mind blowing! Merci beaucoup et joyeuses fêtes (I’m always wondering how long it took you to learn all these skills???)

Pulder1000 says:

Another great tutorial! You know how to turn a good shot into a great shot. The way you teach is very clear with a good sense of humor. Please keep up the good work. I cannot wait till the next episode. Grand merci Serge!

Ron van Middendorp says:

Oh yeah, the Photoshop on Mountain Lion disappearing cursor thing… I am so glad it is not only on my machine:-)

Have great Christmas,Serge!

Tristan Bm says:

Merci encore chef, bon boulot.

tboneporn2002 says:

Thanks.Happy Christmas Serge.

Ismo Mattila says:

Beautiful. Thank you :)

RicheUK says:

Hey..its that french photographer living Paris again.

a great, wonderful tutorial as usual..thank you

david martin says:

Wonderful as always!

Serge Ramelli says:

Hey tks, if you can help me share that video that would be lovely !

NerfGravity says:

you deserve more subscribers and views … your amazing dear Serge

Maher Ali says:

Thank you Serge, another wonderful edit.
How about using the brush (( lowering clarity)) in lightroom to blur the snow without going to PS. Will it give the same nice effect.
Thank you for all your help and tips.
Maher Ali.

MrCrazyeyes001 says:

Great tutorial Serge.

Tennishead21 says:

Brilliant edit Serge! One of your best. Hope we get snow in Ireland now…

Hope you have a great Christmas! 🙂

Sandy Hansen says:

Thank you this was very helpful

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