Photoshop Tutorial: Compositing & Panoramic Images + Shoot

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Welcome to’s guest tutorial author Simon Plant of Today he will be walking us through part of his windmill panorama photo shoot. After the shoot we will see all the basics of creating this image in Photoshop! Check out the rest of Simon’s tutorial packages on his site right here: Twitter! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http


Swamitra Singh says:

Not a kinda tut. You talk too much.

1967Chrisjones says:

What?  I’m sorry, I fell asleep.

startphotography says:

Nice video. Keep ’em coming.

Alexander Duelli says:

cool video, thx.
just a quick tipp, try to speak above your microphone, hold it under your chin and your sound will be fine the next time.

wilsocn says:

This guy is Andrew Zimmerman’s twin brother.

ismailmemis says:

Gumbet ise a beatifull beach..

xpeterdudex says:


EllipsisTutorials says:

looks pretty good

Munira Hijazi says:

I agree its good but uneccessarily too long..

tsuikjoshiomatsu says:

LOL, i was making fun of this kind of situation, a person trowing away a 2.5 k computer because he has a slow internet connection. fucking funny.

10472112LEE says:

Yeah I see the stutter when panning.

jobz101 says:

What a stupid yank you are.. Of course a computers speed affecst the playability of a video. And dont try to be cocky with your “Youtube player” shite. Internet speed would be the least obvious problem, if the video buffered correctly, speed wouldnt be an issue. Dont reply to my comments about something you know nothing about, get back to the ghetto you prick.

Lumpy Hippo says:

The computer’s speed doesn’t affect the playability of a youtube video. If you had common sense you would realize that a driver is a piece of code that tells your computer how to use a physical device be it internal or external. And since I’ve never seen a piece of hardware labeled “Youtube player” inside of a computer then I think it is same to assume that internet speed is playing a major role be it on his end or youtube’s

Navcap says:

blablabla…way to long!
nice tut but its getting boring…

iqrammahmud says:

very helpful. thank you.

jobz101 says:

Well you wasted 2,500. If you had any common sence, you would realise even if you have a 2,500 computer system one missing driver would make it worthless, or, even more ovbious, it might acctually be the video itself.

Daryl1500 says:

If video stutters try installing free speedbit video accelerator. I use it and video plays fine.

Guy Bradbury says:

The video stutters so much its not worth watching, and I have a new 2,500 computer

adsertif123 says:


2v1l says:

part 1 watch?v=wJ0iK3gA5vs

hoyun says:

lol finally i can hear what you’re saying without those blowing wind noise

dcnutter says:

Awesome job Simon. Thanks!

ned316 says:

wheres part 1!


love it keep making

NDS525 says:


BananaNeil says:

i am a lion, rawr.

TechHelpPC says:


Marques Brownlee says:

Great stuff, man! Time to watch the whole ting 😀

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