Snow Photography and Special Effects (DSLR Tutorial)

or copy the link In this instructional how-to DSLR photography video tutorial on snow, you will see how to create long exposure special effects using falling snow, a DSLR camera, tripod, and persistence. Song: “Crystal” by Vlue


seeddestiny2000 says:

i like yr creation mind!

MrPlasm0 says:

I like your whispering during the night footage… gives it some extra effect 🙂

kvD13579 says:

Is there a reason why you’re not using a camera rain sleeve in the snow? Or did you just not think of it 😉

Thanks for the vids, you have a great house, I’m jealous of all the snow and lol@ ‘bird thing’ !

Chris Eubanks says:

Thanks for your vids.

Jeramie Curtice says:

Or a Blue Heron

Jeramie Curtice says:

“Bird Thing” looked like a Northern Sand Crane. You must be from Michigan or the Great Lakes area?

StormyMac says:

Great stuff Evan.

Coltography says:

Uhm, yeah – I live on a Christmas Tree farm.

Arthur Gonzales says:

Hey there! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (search for it)? My work buddy Phil made some very amazing photography with their photography tutorials.

sptnk87 says:

Nice, well done!

Vegar Hansen says:

I just wanted u to know, without you i would not love photography, u r my huge inspirastion. you help me push the limits and be up all night taking photographs. I have looked at many photographers, and know severals, but u top it all. Incording to me u are the world most varying photograph. Ur creativity is amazing and every pictures from u have the ”wow” effect. You must be the best photographer in the world

alexsally says:

i’m loving these videos, great ideas. I think you,ve inspired me to try and use these creative ideas in my videos. thanks 🙂

949label says:

i just want to thank you for all your videos man
awesome work

Eugenio Mikolji says:

Hi Evan, please let me know the temperatuer, I was told this kind of cameras do not function well under freezing conditions!!! thanks, Superb pics ! best regards

John Steven says:

i love snow! and winter

Daniyyel Nicholas says:

Wow nice one man! Thank you!

Dean Kirkman says:

Hi Evan, I like your tutorials. Im starting a video production company, Honesty Media (see facebook page) and opted for using a DSLR instead of a traditional video camera. Im not experienced with the DSLR although have a film degree, and your tutorials a proving VERY interesting and useful, Im steadily getting to grips with my camera and photographic techniques. Keep up the good work mate!!
Dean (Nottingham UK)

soulbeatification says:

your eyes are so red on the first old tip video where everything was soooooooooooo whiteeeee

prikker1985 says:


birger schwarten says:

nice…but ugly music

dkerns2 says:

Evan, what did you do concerning focus? Just curious.
Really enjoy your book and videos. Thanks!

ArtistWoOoOo says:

wowww!! :O so much snow and so many trees!!!!it seems to be ur lucky! 😀 great fx oh and i loved the sound of snow on camera!!!!! Btw if u love ur camera,PROTECT it!! No matter how few pounds u paid,protect it!

iruberry says:

“yeah…I live on a Christmas Tree farm….” hilarious. Great video!

HKG36E says:

subscribing :p

Marius Alex says:

I really like your tutorials. Very straight to the point, usefull and made for pretty much everyone not only for pros with really expensive gear.
So thanks and keep it up.

Erica Moser says:

Why aren’t you covering your camera? They’re not supposed to get that wet =P

Pyro Surge says:

evan looks like pewdiepie

Jamieson Williams says:

Awesome videos, thanks dude

The best part is when the snow falls off the tree :p

MissEnglishChocolate says:

You people and Ebooks…i’d buy the book if it was an actual book as i don’t have one of those electric booky things and down loading it onto my laptop means i won’t be able to take it with me. Real books don’t need batteries and so don’t run out of power…but i liked the night shots.

James Gunawan says:

you are a really briliant creature ..h.ahhha.ha

TWISTTERmovies says:

Cmon man film more 😀

Jonathan Bates says:

Hey Evan, just wanted to thank you for these videos. It’s great to watch a true artist creating and sharing the passion. You are inspirational to all those who just want to take amazing picture no matter what gear you have. Love your e-book too! J

PhotoExtremist says:

Oh? Why so?

frostysnowflake says:

that random footprint at the end is really bothering me.


ohhhh Mr extremist u did really well awesome photography as well as natural beauty …..

jonatan carlgren says:

which lens do you use?

ArnoldVeeman says:

You are very creative! Thank you for sharing all this.

Deborah Townsend says:

love your videos!  thanks for sharing

hazedawg11 says:

I absolutely love your stuff. High quality.

missrej123 says:

what was the ebook name again?

iB145am says:

Nikon or Canon? Which do you recommend for beginning photographers?

Laura Cab says:

Awesome!! ^^ thanks

Viktor Davare says:

Just Awesome thank you thank you

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