Strobist – Photographer Self-Defense 101 – Using Digital Camera Gear and Wireless Remote Flash

or copy the link – Continuing with discussing David Hobby’s, the STROBIST, article “Stealing Flash,” and how to protect your digital camera gear and wireless remote lighting while your working in public areas like gyms, arenas, etc., David has a REALLY interesting self-defense plan to fend off would-be thieves and attackers using camera gear. You can check out the original article at David’s website http


an04RoadKing says:

How about just using situational awareness? How about not putting yourself in a situation where theft is a concern? Playing Yoda with a monopod is ridiculous. You might as well advocate spitting, calling the thief a bad word, and crying to Mommy. How about you just take a picture of the assailant and then take out the memory card before handing it over? That way you can build your portrait business at the same time.

MrEltel63 says:

Great advice… now doing 8 months for assault after being approached after doing some street photography by a big fella…..turns out he only wanted to ask me the time ! i blinded him and then set about him with my monopod before he could say a word……prison is a lonely place 🙁

mnlgranillo448 says:

Sounds a little complicated. I just take advantage of owning a concealed carry permit….

offspringy says:

no way, we work hard to buy our gear, id rather smash the fu*kers face in with my camera than give it away… >:D

davidm1952 says:

OK. I’m thinking a possible market for a combo strobe-stun-gun product.
1) Flash; 2) Whack, whack, whack; 3) ZAP-ZAP-ZAP!
On a serious note I actually thought you were going to suggest that you swap out your flash memory and pocket it and put a spare empty back in the camera.
So, you may end up losing the camera but you still got your shots.

edpannewyork says:

if someone comes to steal your cam… just give it away otherwise… you might just end up 6 feet under the ground lol…

1dornman says:

Delightful..but in Arizona everyone can carry a gun concealed without a permit.

flipteezy says:

Lol, he reiterated 4x’s. Flash in one hand and monopod in another is cool but I know photographers that have a tactical flashlight in the left pocket and a tactical folder in the right.

joeygmc07 says:

lol dang this is so funny and so tight. i will keep this in mind. maybe ill test it on some of my friends

PhotographersOnUTube says:

LOL. I love it. I have turned down shoots in the past if I feel it’s not in a safe area but this is something all the photographers should keep in mind. Thanks Matt!

Add one more thing.. scream as loud as possible. haha

Johannes Winger-Lang says:

Lmao that was funny! 😀

ArtoftheImage says:

– Let me know how it works! :-)

robertlam18 says:

Better than nothing

starboymachine says:

makes sense. i’ll have to try that. hahaha.

Suspectcobra says:


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