Sydney In focus – Jason Beam (Strobist – behind the scenes)

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Sydney in focus is a portraiture project raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation. Learn it all at a workshop: That Nikon Guy (Matt Granger) shows you behind the scenes of Jason Beams shoot at his downtown Kung Fu studio. Jason is a Shaolin Kung Fu teacher, personal trainer, model and actor – as well as a lovely man. Images from the shoot here: http


Aleksandaryt says:

You could add serbian cyrilic, just tipe photography on google translate 😉

Bashar Al-Ba'noon says:

Welcome, one of your videos helped me to clean my camera’s sensor few years ago…I thought to return the favor 😉

thatnikonguy says:

haha – I use, review and appreciate all brands – but the gear I own is Nikon. All welcome here though!

thatnikonguy says:

thank you buddy – I had that and 1 other incorrect. I have since updated the intros. Cheers!

Bashar Al-Ba'noon says:

The Arabic text in the intro is not written correctly send me a msg if you want me to help 🙂

raipe76 says:

Nikon ? Oh my…. Canon guy is much more better name =)

Ramsey Spencer says:

wow who is this guy .. can you tell me where to get him or contact him 🙂 love to shoot him for my site 🙂 expertotv com

Hamid Mousa says:


RytisB says:

Very nice, thanks!

xxbondsxx says:

Sorry matt but a lot of these are fairly underexposed, even the low key ones

mjed5 says:

يو ار كفو 🙂

Polawat Ponaree says:

Thank you!

evancohenstudio says:

fancy drumming nice equip,mostly mundane photos

Lincoshop says:

Green Screen Contest ( Open / World wide July 12, 2012)

Bluesquirrel2 says:

That Jason is sexy!!!!

UncleRob199 says:

Thank you so much, as I mentioned, I’m starting to get interested in self portraits just to test my equipment and get used to it, and cos of the lack of models available. I really appreciate this video because I used to study Kung Fu so combining it with photography is ideal for me. Also, I think the music is good, it suits the theme of the video.

jun ling says:

CONTEST GIVE AWAY ! Green Screen Contest ( Open / World wide July 12, 2012)
w w­eature=mhee

jun ling says:

CONTEST GIVE AWAY ! Green Screen Contest ( Open / World wide July 12, 2012)
w w­eature=mhee

2VisionsPhotography says:

Its the video or are the pictures really THIS bad??

MJOD3 says:

42people are canon fans

I’m one of them 😀

daileyvideos says:


EntropiaMusic says:

AKA ThatKungFuGuy

SteffanMcC says:

It would be cool to see you dissect and explain a few of your favorite shots. For example, the theory/practice and use of the flashes while looking at the photos. Maybe in a future shoot?

MrDreamD says:

Hi what the size of umbrella?

thatnikonguy says:

@Stigeo55 take a look around, got wireless audio agra ago

Stigeo55 says:

Matt I do like your videos and as a ‘strobist’ wanna-be have learned a lot. What drives me nuts is tutorial hosts that use the video camera’s on board mic for their main audio. Keep those tutorial coming but I hope you will invest in a wireless lapel mic.

TierDrama says:

starwarskidmove at 1;36 xD…

ivanikova says:


PoesKlap133 says:

Fuck that drumming is annoying

naiils says:

I love the blue light effect @ 4:35 .. Evoking

K3vindust says:

Hi Matt i enjoyed watching this video,mind me asking,what size of umbrella is that?

thatnikonguy says:

Thank you! You will note in later videos this has been corrected.

Katijaa says:

My friend I had watch almost all of your videos and it helps me a lot but I just want to tell you that in Hebrew photography is written like this צילום and not םוליצ its simply written opposite

thatnikonguy says:

i use both – strobes win for portability

stecartmel says:

hi matt, question for you. why speedlights, as opposed to studio flash ? i do like these results very much matt

ppbbgay says:

that guy is hot yum yum

Jewell Bunch III says:

amazing video love the tecniques 

thatnikonguy says:

glad you like the videos. Please share some of your inspiring photos on our Flickr page, I’d love to see them.

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