DSLR Photo RANT- ISO and Noise

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blog.jaredpolin.com This rant was sparked off by a tip on another “photo help” site that said “Nix the ISO I dont care what the manufacturers say: any ISO above 800 is crap!” Boy does that statement set me off, watch this video to hear what I have to say about noise and iso. Look for future videos to have more detailed tips that build off of the ones i give you here. I know it is a long video but there are some really good nuggets in here.


アンディ テラス says:

Yo Jared do you have a video on filters?
If not you think you could enlighten us :3

Gary Doyle says:

i came for the video… i stayed for the hair

narutowa says:

you really need to experiment more then! i usually get 80% of pictures usable at iso 12800 in my d5100, and about 20% of pictures usable at iso 25600, hi-iso usable pictures is an art by itself, by practice you can master it, you can learn to feel when will the exposure work, give it a little more dedication 😉

elchicoyes says:

I’m just starting Photography as a hobby, this video was very informative as well as everyones comments. Thank you.

youngsatchmo says:

I set the maximum ISO to 3200 on my D3200. I tried a few shots at 6400, and it just doesn’t look good.

But I agree that shots at ISO 1600 look pretty good in most circumstances, even with a kit lens (my 35 mm 1.8 is on route to California).

acmav289 says:

I’ve shot wonderful pictures in 1600 on my old ass 10D without getting much noise. But like you said it’s because of the lighting, if i can shoot 800-1600 just fine with a decade old camera you people with newer ones should be able to also.

frakusv2 says:


adamkingsho says:

my mac down loaded raw to face book just the same way as others

Exupery1976 says:

Noise is an issue for Stock photographers – what’s your take on that, Jared, and our plight as Stockers?

Exupery1976 says:

If you shoot Stock, black and white if not a good thing!

rpdigital17 says:

Good hints! I did 3200 ISO shots in low light and did some B&W edit and results were over average.

dan s. says:

That was enlightening. tx.

sosvocaloid says:

D5000 can handle noise up to 900 😀

JaredPolin says:

it would have been the same with a d40x prob worse.

Daniel Pryce says:

Well the average person can’t get a D3s, Anyhting above 800 ISO on my D3000 is well shit. Should of gotten the D40x.

Nicholas Cade says:

when I’m doing SX i shoot at 3200 iso and 1/800-1/4000 to stop action because there is not adequate lighting and would you rather have a darker blurry image or a nicely lit action scene with spots in the black areas HHHMMMMM I’m gonna go with the second option

gallowspagey says:

You have to consider what the article is talking about. Portraiture is usually done in a studio, with lighting. Thus a high Ido isn’t needed. I understand what this person is saying by anything above 800 ISo is “crap” mostly because there’s no need for it. Also, why is our only option to turn it black and white? If im going to shoot black and white, I’ll get some b&w film and shoot. Or I’ll say to myself, ” this whole set is going to be in black and white” I’m not going to give people photos th

TheRageAndGrace says:

I was questioning whether I was seriously interested in Photography or not, but you’ve confirmed it.
I am absolutely inspired by you.

stuartibanez says:

I barely shoot under iso 800

yoshi1499 says:

You are a LEDEND! Love your tutorials – Just GOLD! Thanks heaps

BrandonKingVloggin says:

I tend to use 3200 every now and then.. Sometimes I’d use ISO 1600, but most of the time I use ISO 100-1250

dannybailey666 says:

1600 ISO varies on images, not always too bad. May as well use a tripod if it’s really dark and slow the shutter. My IS is pretty good so I can get away with slower shutters and usually stick with 800 ISO or less.

Kristoffer Pence says:

Fantastic Video man

crispycritterz says:

ISO above 800 is crap? I look at my D80, D300, and D3s…. and I wonder about the “experts.”

MrYawn1 says:

good video Jared. i must say i used to be very worried about iso when i first got my camera. i have a sony A450 and ive shot at 6400 iso and after editing i was more than happy. And thats far from a pro camera.
cheers for the video

ariffinwahaha says:

very helpful. thanks!

MadmanDKDK says:

I shoot +1200 ISO on my EOS 50D, no problems once I go to LightRoom.

Allan Zepeda says:

ive shot iso 800 on a point and shoot fz100 lumix in daytime and i see no noise when i dont crop or zoom….sooo you could imagine a GH2 4/3rds camera or an APS-C/H Sensor from a canon or Nikons FX to DX sensors lol noise shouldnt be a consern for me either 😉 thanks jared for that helpfull info

EverythingISTech says:

“Full of ants” lol

rockanal says:

Very honest advices !!! This is the one rant I’ve liked the most from all Fro’s

Minefieldz says:

You do have a noise problem you have a hair problem lol

Exupery1976 says:

Great vid, I learned something!

ramisyafique says:

Hi bro, u got a nice hair… and look like Simoncili the italian motogp rider.. lol.. ok, I would like to know why when I use lower ISO during day light there still got noise on the white color.. I’m still a amateur so, need some advice.


Jonathan Lopez says:

So true, I had to shoot in aweful fluorescent lighting at ISO 3200 with my D5000 and 35mm 1.8. They made great 8×10 prints for my friends’ wedding album.

JaredPolin says:

u dont u have to convert them first.

mr1997luke says:

how do you import raw images to facebook? =)

spstudios01 says:

Well done Jared for making this rant, much needed. I shoot on 5D MKII’s at 1250 or 2500 ISO on a regular basis in low light and get great shots every time.

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