Gimp Tutorial: Layers – The Basics

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Please comment and rate videos – this will help other people find them by ranking them higher…it takes a second 🙂 — I was asked to provide a basic explanation of Layers…I hope this helps. Sorry about the lag between audio and video…slightly annoying, I know.


sweetlifeman1 says:

Thanks for the basic tutorial as I am a complete noobie!… Question… how do you put 2 animated GIFs side by side in gimp? Been trying to find a tutorial for about an hour… couldn’t find one..

TheHorrorGoat says:

I cant add colour as soon as I put a picture on and add layers. Everything I try turns the colour I want grey. I only got GIMP yesterday and have asked around but NO ONE knows how to use it or even what it is. Any help with my colour problem?

If anyone plays it there is a game on Facebook called ‘Ovi Pets’ and I am trying to make a tattoo for one of my friends pets but I need the template underneath and for the Tattoo to be transparent so it doesn’t change the colour of the pets body.

Genki201 says:

Just starting out with Gimp, and found your tutorial very clear. Thanks xxx

Conlan0215 says:

How do you merge layers?

lockssssss says:


malgalin says:

@giclee101 press M, that chooses the Move tool

giclee101 says:

I press N and I cant move my layers

dragonfly2x says:

What carlosinfl said… you left out the most basic and important point, how to add an image to the layers. When I have an image up and go to file to add another image, a new box opens with the new image. I can’t figure out how to get that image on a new layer. HELP. But I notice you haven’t responded to requests for help.

Mark Robins says:

0:03 Bye-Sick LOL

Mark Robins says:

Bye-Sick LOL

rehantom says:

Thank you! Just what I was looking for.

carlosinfl says:

You never explained after you create a new layer on top of the background image, how did you add an image to the layer? I know how to create a layer but I can’t see how to add the paper or letters to the transparent new layer. You skipped this but it’s not clear to me how you did this…

artisan98 says:

oh wow…this is the first video that has helped me understand better, ty!

williephoenix says:

very educational and straightforward

jparecki95 says:

Perfect tutorial for a beginner like myself, thank you very much!

arifreedom says:

Not using adblock+?

SuperiorSpheniscus says:

New to gimp and before watching this I must say I was ready to stab my brain with my mouse.

loobieloo19 says:

Very helpful for a noob like me. Thank you!

so tyler says:

Thank you! nice explanation.

Jennifer Spall says:

how do you ADD an image? that’s the only problem I’m having. I wanna combine 2 photos I have but I can only get one up 🙁

AxeToday says:

Thank you!

sinaheidie says:

Glad I could help! Good luck with your t-shirts 🙂

AxeToday says:

And THAT is what I wanted to hear in the video! I’m selling t-shirts of my own design but I want to draw the designs in Gimp. Living my whole life using MS Paint makes Gimp very complicated for me.

sinaheidie says:

On the dock that shows the layers, underneath where the layers are listed, there’s a picture of a document, an arrow pointing up, an arrow pointing down, two images overlapping, an anchor and a trashcan. Click on the document 🙂 (excuse my bad english)

AxeToday says:

I just have no idea how to MAKE a new layer. In the scrolldown thing at the top of the big window where it says layers, right after opening gimp the create new layers button doesn’t work. How do I fix this?

Paula Millhouse says:

You may think lessons like this aren’t helpful, but I found this incredibly useful, and I like your teaching style.
Thank you!

Németh Ferenc says:

Thank you! 🙂

SnoopsterWillRule says:

How do you combine all the layers into one?

kimadawest says:

Thank you, that was really helpful. I understood the concept of layers but not how to work with them. Time for some experimenting…

OssastoriumDoDs says:

I watched this video only to see how to open your layers window.

deepart15 says:

This video did explain On what layers are to me witch before this video i had no clue what layers wear for. I knew they were around I just did not know what layers ware for. So thank you for clearing that up. I do have Things i steel need explaining on BUT i am going to watch more of your videos before i ask them. thanks for your help.

jelliott841 says:

yes… how do you actually add the layers?

Captain Bsnott says:


PhotoAdvanced says:

Nice one, I also make detailed tutorials for beginners 🙂

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