How To: Freezing Action with Flash Sync – Photographer Atiba Jefferson- In Focus

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Toby Taylor says:

what the fucks with the camo tape? haha

wyattb995 says:

a mother fucking hassleblad? you lucky rich bastard!!

jogolwenzel says:

he sounds like Lumpy Space Princess

jayko rendon says:

yo on the real idk what atiba is talking about

JRTayl0r says:

shame there is no mention of FP sync or electronic shutter cameras

nutellaurent says:

i think with the H series its 1/800. the 1/500 was for the older hasselblads, like the v series

cam hand says: m
top quality cheap skateboard camera handles

caamden says:

H1 is the best because it syncs at 1/800? Doesn’t that pocketwizard only sync at 1/500 for leaf shutters?

ImproveYourSkateVids says:

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zegers84 says:

You should put some pictures of examples to show us the differences.

TheBlad12345 says:

fortunately you guys are both right. most cameras sync at 250th or 500th on medium format film and 800th on digital medium format: however the nikon sb600 and sb800 combined with a pocket wizard trigger can trick the camera into syncing at any speed. of course at 8000th of a second you will need more then two lumeys to get a decent aperture but in theory you can have the same action freezing flash sync as that hasselblad. form personal experience my hasselblad 500c/m is just fine

wyattb995 says:

lol you said finger

Bricksta88MoB says:

Go make you own examples.

Garbage19 says:

Main reason Lumedynes are used is because of their size and portability. This location used doesn’t portray what these guys really go through to get their shots. I would never want to hop a school yard fence with a Broncolor pack. 200ws with a ~t.5 duration of 1/9000th of a second is usually plenty of light to get the job done. It doesn’t necessarily have to overpower ambient by more than 2stops,for skating. Profoto and Broncolor bulbs cost alot more to replace when a skateboard knocks one over

Garbage19 says:

He is actually a very talented photographer and pioneered the use of a leaf shutter with action sports subject matter, because back when he started 1/250th was the max for 35mm cameras. He also shoots professional athletes, and appears to be quite successful at it.

eatmewhileimhhot says:

you can.

eatmewhileimhhot says:


pineapplepootytang says:

wait what?

nzrockdj says:

Complete waste of time video, the majority of high end DSLR’s and high end flashguns are capable of sync speeds up to 1/8000 of a sec, kind of blows his argument of 1/250sec out of the water. Should stick to skateboarding instead of photography.

itsahsah says:

Add in a top of the line leaf digital back and you have yourself an almost 60,000 dollar rig

ectechBlog says:

well, its the flashes fault that he can’t use higher than 1/250

TheBigKaboomski says:

Got two old d50’s that shoot at 1/500.. a cheap backup 😉

sometimesmongo says:

Thanks man. So I’d be right in assuming that 99.9% of skate photogs just deal with sync speeds of 1/250 secs or less? Kinda defeats the purpose of this being a ‘how to’ video. Still interesting to see what the top pros use though.

Weston Kruse says:

take into mind the digital back… also those lenses arent cheap. Indeed.

kdog323 says:

Well I did. I googled it and typed in Hasselblad H1 and that was the price I found, used of course because I guess they don’t produce that model anymore. The most expensive Hasselblad I could find was the H4D-60 and thats a little over 30 Grand So??

Neptune Ride says:

I did the research and from the looks of it, so did you =) “the only way it could is if it was on high sync speed” So yes, it is actually possible to shoot and flash that fast. Will a Hasselblad and studio flashes make these shots easier? Of course! Can you still achieve these shots with speed-lights though? HELL YEA!!!
That’s my only real point I guess. Cheers!

Weston Kruse says:

for best quality you will use the standard flash sync. The “hyper syncs” change the performance of the flash, not the speed of the shutter in your camera. Sucks but its the way the cookie crumbles

Weston Kruse says:

120th is the standard of most cameras FLASH sync speed. the only way you can get full use out of your flash and camera is to shoot at 1/250th (1/800th on a Hasselblad) or slower. there is a high sync speed, which will let you shoot faster with a flash but will eliminate full power and make the flash terrible. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Also, Atiba Jefferson is one of the best photographers to ever walk on this earth, and his skills are alot better than your words on a youtube comment

Weston Kruse says:

he is talking about the Hasselblad H1, most Hasselblads brand new are worth around 40 grand USD. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

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